A voice actor of the popular anime series “Dragon Ball Super” confirmed just recently that Super Saiyan God will appear in the Tournament of Power. Fans will most likely see this form in the 104th episode of the series.

Super Saiyan God

Since the start of the Universe Survival Arc in “Dragon Ball Super,” speculations about Goku’s new form have been widespread in the community. In fact, there are different theories that fans have actually come up with in connection with this new form. The opening preview of the anime titled Limit X Breaker was even considered as one of the clues.

Over the years, the anime creator, Akira Toriyama has introduced several Super Saiyan forms in the series.

Fans are well-aware of the first time Goku powered-up [VIDEO] into a Super Saiyan in the Z series. After that, several variations to the forms have been discovered. With the turn of events in the series, fans are anticipating that the iconic hero will soon debut a new form in the fan-favorite anime series.

According to character designer Tadayashi Yamamuro, The Super Saiyan God form is more muscular and has a hairstyle in-between Super Saiyan 3 and 4. However, Toriyama insisted on his own concept. Later it turned out that the form will have bright magenta/red hair and eyes. In addition, the hair becomes more kempt and no loose strands can be seen. The eyes have noticeably red irises and appear to be relaxed even in battles. Moreover, the overall body structure becomes younger and thinner.

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Latest confirmation

On its official Twitter account, Yamcha’s voice actor Yoshita Toshio was asked by DBS serial tipster and leaker Ken Xyro if the latest spoilers released for Episode 104 has an error when it mentioned about SS God. The voice actor answered that there was no error but rather confirmed that the Super Saiyan God [VIDEO]will appear in the series. It is worth noting that last week, the summaries for episodes 103,104, and 105 were released. Translator and DB fan Todd Blankenship discovered that one of the episodes contained the term SS God, which at first was dismissed since most of the time, spoilers have errors and are not really that accurate.

Episode 104

The 104th episode of the popular anime series “Dragon Ball Super” will air On August 20. It is titled, “A Faster-Than-Light-Battle Begins! Goku and Hit’s Joint Front.” The summary reveals that Gohan will overthrow Jimiz eliminating all the fighters of the Universe 10 in the Tournament of Power. Aside from the fact that the Universe10 will be totally annihilated, this episode will also show the teamwork of Goku and Hit as they both fight against Jiren. This is the episode where Goku is expected to power up into Super Saiyan God.