In the anime, the Super #Saiyan God transformation was only achieved by Goku. He then improved and turned the Super Saiyan God into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, or simply, the "Blue." Since then, the Blue has been the base transformation in the series, as the SSG is only accessible through the Saiyan ritual.

Vegeta as the Super Saiyan God

But this is not the #Case for Vegeta. In the "Resurrection F," Vegeta was able to beat Frieza easily by using the Blue form. It is a fan assumption that Vegeta somehow managed to figure out how it is done. This is partly right since Vegeta never underwent the ritual, or at least it was not mentioned or shown.

But he did achieve the Super Saiyan God which paved the way for him to be able to tap to the Blue form.

In the "#Dragon Ball Super" manga, which just finished the Future Trunks arc, Vegeta was able to transform into Super Saiyan God and overwhelmed Goku Black. Just like Goku [VIDEO], Vegeta got a slimmer built and red hair. His speed also improved, which made it easier for him to launch fast attacks against Goku Black. Though SSG is less powerful than the Blue, it conserves more stamina, thus, perfect for long battles like the Tournament of Power. When he needed to apply power, he can shift to Blue and attack, and shift to Red again just like in the manga.

It is not confirmed yet whether Vegeta will use this technique. It is also not known if the Red will be available to Gohan, but if he did achieve this form, he also has a chance to get the Blue.

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But since his Mystic form is already more efficient, there is no need for Gohan to aim for this form (Mystic form doesn't consume a huge amount of stamina).

Vegetto, Gogeta, and Beerus

There is no doubt that Vegetto is already dominant in his base form, more so in his Super Saiyan form. But Blue Vegetto's power surpasses even Beerus which is a God of Destruction. In with the talks of Goku and Vegeta's possibility for Fusion in the tournament of power, it might as well worth to mention Gogeta. Gogeta might not be as powerful as Vegetto, but he might just be as powerful as Beerus in his BLUE form.

What's more interesting is if Goku and Vegeta managed to combine with Red, and transform into Blue when needed as to prolong the fusion. It can be remembered that when a fusion became too powerful, the fusion will be undone. I

The Hakai

Goku was able to do this when he mastered the Super Saiyan Blue in the manga. This is my theory, but if Gogeta mastered the Blue form, he can do this with more ease than Goku. This technique is only available in Blue form because it can only be used by God Ki.