The latest episode of the Dragon Ball Super” anime series has finally aired and it revealed another universe getting annihilated. The new episode featured fights involving the last few warriors of Universe 10 and how they fought on to survive at the Tournament of Power.

Shortly after the tournament kicked off, Universe 9 was the first one to get erased by the Omni Kings. A few episodes later, Universe 10 followed after their final hope for survival was defeated and eliminated by Universe 7 once again.


It was Vegeta and Son Goku who defeated the Trio de Dangers brothers, which caused their universe's early demise. Son Gohan and Piccolo teamed up to defeat the last couple of fighters from Universe 10, which then caused their obliteration.

U7 makes the most hits

There is no doubt that the main team of theDragon Ball Super is from Beerus' universe as it’s where Goku and his powerful friends come from. The main team eliminated most of the fighters from Universe 10, which eventually resulted in the latter’s recent annihilation.

Shortly after the Tournament of Power commenced, Master Roshi and Krillin’s joint attacks eliminated Dium. Vegeta fought Universe 10’s team leader, Murichim but it was Frieza who eliminated him.

In the recent episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” which was episode 103, Gohan and Piccolo went up against Obuni and Rubalt, respectively. Piccolo easily defeated Rubalt while Gohan had to find a way to somehow overcome Obuni’s secret technique of energy so he could defeat him.

Gohan eventually defeated Obuni and eliminated the last warrior from Rumsshi's universe, who was their final ray of hope. The Omni Kings did not hesitate in erasing Rumsshi, Gowasu, and the rest of the civilization that they looked after.

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U10 fighters eliminated by other universes

Lilibeu is the first casualty from Team Universe 10 after Universe 9’s Basil easily kicked her out of the Tournament of Power. Universe 6 also did a number on some of their warriors as the Saiyans Kale, Caulifla, and Cabba eliminated Mechiop, Napapa, and Murisam, respectively.

Jilcol and Jirasen were two of the remaining four fighters from Rumsshi's universe but they were easily defeated by warriors from Universe 2. The Yardrat Jimeze easily eliminated Jilcol while Jirasen was unexpectedly dropped out of the Tournament of Power after becoming collateral damage, accidentally getting caught up in Rebrianne’s spinning attack in her fight against Android 17.