Over the weekend,Dragon Ball Super” Episode 105 showcased the ultimate challenge of the Turtle Hermit or best known as Master Roshi when he fought against the guys from Universe 4. The old master has known for his perverted nature, and his urges on attractive women are undeniable. Despite this, everyone still loves him mainly because he still fights for his home knowing that it can also put his life in danger, which apparently happened in the latest episode [VIDEO]. This is one of the reasons why his comrades such as Goku will always be there for him when his life is on the line.

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Death almost welcomed Master Roshi

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 105, Master Roshi has had an intense fight against Ganos, a warrior from Universe 4 but finally took him down after using the infamous Kamehameha blast on his opponent.

Everyone rejoiced over his victory against Ganos, but he made fans weep when he fainted after the battle, where he almost kissed death. Fortunately, Goku went to the rescue and used his Godly Ki to revive the Turtle Hermit although it was late enough for fans not to whimper over his near-death experience. Apparently, fans still have their hearts on the old master despite being called out before for his perverted nature.

Fans react

Over on Twitter, “Dragon Ball Super” fans reacted when Master Roshi passed out or when he briefly died after his match against the guys from Universe 4. Everyone wasn’t ready for it, and most of them took to social media to express their grief and joy over the Turtle Hermit’s intense battle that almost took his life. One fan even compared the old master’s near-death moment to the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor last weekend.

“Master Roshi almost died last night,” a fan wrote. “That was way more important than that boxing match.” Others also posted memes and wrote that they were scared to death over the old master’s fierce but shocking battle.

Goku saved the day

“Dragon Ball Super” fans were shocked when Master Roshi fainted, but when Goku went to him and saved him from the afterlife, everyone apparently rejoiced. The Saiyan fighter is not just getting a brand new transformation [VIDEO], but he gracefully revived the Turtle Hermit just in time. Let’s admit it. Goku might be a pain in the arse at times, but the Saiyan warrior was our hero in the latest episode. After all, his home is at stake including his family and friends such as Master Roshi, who just rubbed shoulders with death.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 106 is titled “Find it Out! Death Match Against an Unseen Attacker!” It is set to air on September 3. Stay tuned!