If you are a fan of Vegeta, this note could brighten your day. Finally, the prince of the Saiyan race will have some big hero moments in the next episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" that are to come from the Tournament of Power. Just as Goku had the opportunity to show us the simultaneous transformation of the red and blue Saiyan god, logically, Vegeta should also be destined to do so at some point.

Fans quickly went to Twitter and asked Toshio, one of the most famous writers and scriptwriters of "Dragon Ball Super" and who from time to time likes to provide some spoilers.


Will Vegeta use the simultaneous transformation?

Recently, a fan asked the scriptwriter a few questions, asking him about Vegeta's simultaneous transformation, and if he could ever do it on TV because he was the first to do so in the official manga of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro.

Toshio's response was as follows:

"I think he can use Super Saiyan God. I'd like to see Super Saiyan God on Dragon Ball Super."

Will Vegeta have a special episode?

It should be noted that a month ago, another conversation between Toshio and some fans was also revealed.

On that occasion, he was asked about the Saiyan Prince and whether he would have any significant battles in the future, perhaps a rematch against the legendary assassin from the sixth universe. Toshio's response was affirmative, emphasizing that he had written that action and it would premiere in a "Dragon Ball Super" episode dedicated exclusively to these two warriors.

This revelation could confirm that Vegeta will soon have a huge upcoming moment. Perhaps not so much as Goku to the point of showing us a new transformation, but at least if it is possible, we see him become super Saiyan red and blue god simultaneously.


Everything seems to indicate that that fight that Goku and Hit had sworn to have at the end of the tournament will never come. Anyway, it was easy to deduce, since Jiren is the main enemy these days. Also, if we consider that the simultaneous transformation of blue to red can beat Hit, then the logical thing would be for the prince to use it too since Vegeta has two previous training sessions in The Hyperbolic Time Chamber, reason enough to be convinced that we will provide a great show.

Vegeta is a fictional character belonging to the race called Saiyan, from the manga and anime "Dragon Ball." His name comes from his father, King Vegeta, as well as from his home planet, which received his name after his conquest by the Saiyan.

The name Vegeta is a deformation of Vegetable.

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