After the epic premiere of the long awaited 103rd episode of Dragon Ball Super last Saturday, many came to regard it as one of the best episodes ever released. The eradication of Gowasu and the universe 10 gave that classic essence that the animated series needed. In addition, the preview of the next episode also denoted to show us a really good plot.

Finally, after more than eighty episodes, we will see Goku transform into Super Saiyayin God. The use of this transformation is expected to be enough to defeat Dyspo, the current contender of the Tournament of Power, who has put Hit in severe trouble, the legendary murderer from the sixth universe.


What happened in the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super?

The episode began without much action, showing us just part of the plot of the warriors from the second universe fighting against Android 17 and Goku. However, the plot began to take more action after showing us the rest of the tournament. Finally, they showed us the first elimination of one of the characters from the sixth universe, thus specifying that all the worlds have lost at least one member.

Unfortunately, the elimination of the tenth universe was confirmed.

The last three survivors did their best to protect their loved ones, but it was Opni (U10 warrior) who ended up being the star wrestler of the mentioned world, having an exclusive combat against Son Gohan, making him reach the definitive mode.

Unlike angel Mojito from universe nine, Cush (U10 angel) felt sadness over the eradication of her universe.

Revelations of Episode 104 of Dragon Ball Super

According to the recent preview of the next episode, the appearance and return of Goku in the original Super Saiyayin God mode is fully confirmed.


In addition, as mentioned earlier, Hit would have a dangerous encounter against Dyspo, one of the most emblematic warriors of the pride troop, who would be about to hit the final blow to get him off the platform. Fortunately, Son Goku would appear at the precise moment to be able to his old friend.

We also noticed the presence of Kunshe, another of the eleven tournament members. Kunshe, it seems, possesses techniques that use whips that can catch the opponent who falls entangled in them. Sadly, this battle will be totally unfair, as all remaining members of the pride troop will go after Hit to try to defeat him.

Basically, it will be a four-on-one battle.

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