Jiren got that aura. Jiren got that look in his eyes. He is far different than Saitama, who can mislead others about his power. With one glance, you will know that he is different. That is how powerful Jiren's aura can do. He even intimidated Goku by his speed the first day they met. And everyone from his universe claims that he is their mightiest warrior (just like how Goku is to Universe 7). But how feasible is it that Jiren The Gray is stronger than Gods of Destruction?

But how feasible is it that Jiren The Gray is stronger than Gods of Destruction?

The first indicator

The first indicator that Jiren is the most powerful mortal is no other than the Pride Tropper's leader, Toppo.

After the Universe 9 and Universe 7 exhibition match, Toppo and Goku had a brief match. The battle's result is a tie, but Goku and Jiren went all out in the last minute.

The thing about Toppo is that he is another candidate for being a God Of Destruction. He might be a budding powerhouse like Goku and Vegeta, or he is already in the level of their God of Destruction, Belmod. But even if Toppo got a godlike power, he still regards Jiren as the most powerful warrior.

It can also be remembered that Whis once said that there is a Universe where a mortal is more powerful than even the God of Destruction of that universe. Whis might be talking about Universe 11 and Jiren.


The mortal that might be stronger than Beerus

Beerus could be more powerful than most Gods of Destruction. The Universe 7 has low mortality level because characters such as Frieza and the earlier Saiyans are very capable of destroying planets and races. It is safe to say that he is the third most powerful God of Destruction.

Because of Belmond's performance in his Universe, he could probably be the second most powerful God of Destruction. Jiren has the potential to surpass Belmond, or he could be the same level as his God already. If Jiren has more potential to defeat Beerus, he could be the most powerful mortal in the whole multiverse.


And then there's Goku

The Universe 7's most elite warrior is no joke either. After a short time of training with Whis, his potential was already obvious. Had he met Whis and Beerus in an earlier time, he would have mastered the Super Saiyan Blue already. The thing about Jiren is he has been a Pride Trooper for a long time now. His training with the God and the angel has been longer, bringing his potential and mastering them. Goku also has that potential. And one day, if Goku could master the highest form of Saiyan transformation, he and Jiren could be the most powerful mortals in the whole multiverse.