When it comes to Super Saiyan form, Goku has a closet of them. He is probably the one with the highest number of Saiyan transformations [VIDEO]in the series. He discovered the form in the Namek Saga of Dragon Ball Z while dealing with big old Frieza. Since then, he discovered a lot of new transformations after that. Sometimes, it makes fans confused about what form is more powerful, especially after the show stopped tagging numbers in the transformation name. Here's a quick guide for old and new audiences of the show.

Base Form

The Base Form is Goku and other Saiyan's original power.


This is where their power is in their original form, hence, the base form. The base form is usually the one being strengthened while training. The more powerful the base form is, the more powerful the transformation becomes.

Super Saiyan Form

Unlike the base form, this form is a temporary powerup. What it does is it multiplies the base form's power 50 times the original. This is ignited when a very emotional and very stressful emotion overcomes a Saiyan, like anger and sadness. This form is further categorized into its advanced state.

SS 2

This is the successor of the SS transformation. It can be achieved by greater emotional stress or training to raise the power level. Goku used this in the Tournament of Power [VIDEO] versus Caulifla. Though it is much much stronger than the SS, Kale was able to own Goku in SS2.


You can easily see SS2 through electric auras and a more bad hair day.

SS 3

SS3 is supposed to be the last Super Saiyan transformation. This is the transformation where Goku got a hair steroid with his eyebrows as the price. But the eyebrows are nothing when you got a long, shiny, silky hair, doesn't it? Anyway, this form is different because SS and SS2 deplete the user's physical stamina while SS3 deplete user's Ki stamina. But this transformation improves the speed and strength of the user.

Super Saiyan God

This is the transformation that can be attained by a Saiyan through the Saiyan ritual. The user will be enabled to sense God Ki. As seen in the table made by Chuck Patterson, the power and stamina drain is times two of the SS. But the speed is times three because of slimmer build attained in this form.

Super Saiyan Blue (SSGSS)

The base form's power is multiplied by SS form. While SSG's power is multiplied by the SSGSS. This form's power can still be raised by Kaioken. While this form improves all the stats of the user, it also raises the stamina drain. This is only for short battles.