The upcoming episode of #Dragon Ball Super already has fans buzzing as Gohan is about to put his strength and powers to good use on one universe. It has been teased that the boy will take down team Universe 10 [VIDEO], which will soon face their devastating fate from the hands of the King of Universes. However, it wouldn’t be too easy for him as U10 is not just something to mess with when it comes to fighting especially that their arsenal is no pushover. Recently, a preview for episode 103 has been released, which features Gohan back in action after a vigorous training with Piccolo.

Gohan vs Universe 10

Over on YouTube, Ares Promo shared the preview for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 103, which shows Gohan in his intense battle against the warriors of Universe 10 [VIDEO].

He can be seen asking Piccolo to fight with him against the guys from team U10 after noticing that he is unable to aim his powers against them. “Piccolo, let’s fight the brutes of Universe 10 together!” he exclaimed. "My attacks are being reflected by their counters and won’t work! But I’m not about to back down! I’ll release all of my power to achieve victory!” Basing his determination to champion his team against U10, it looks like the half-Saiyan fighter will go against the odds just to win in the deadly martial arts tournament.

The “Dragon Ball Super” clip ended with Gohan getting ready to release the infamous Kamehameha blast on a certain warrior from Universe 10. If it’s successful, then we all know what happens next. The half-Saiyan fighter may have rested for a long-time to focus on being a scholar while he settles down with his own family, but his training with his master has made him become stronger and more powerful.

Even Piccolo said that Gohan has a limitless power and what he can do in the #Tournament of Power should not be missed by everyone. Comic Book also shared a photo of him with his tell-tale bang, which means that the warrior is serious with protecting his home.

Mystic Gohan

When Gohan agreed to represent team Universe 7 in the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power, he asked Piccolo to train him again to gear up for the battle royal. He was also tapped to lead the team and shares his fighting strategies with the rest of the team members. During his training with Piccolo, he was able to obtain his Mystic form back, which he had not been using since his “DBZ” prime. Apparently, #Mystic Gohan is something that we shouldn’t miss.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 103 is scheduled to air on Aug. 13. Stay tuned!