The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump has revealed the title and official synopsis for episode 106, which will air on September 3. Here's what fans can expect on the upcoming episode.

Official Preview

Student and Master attack an invisible adversary. Gohan and Piccolo have a tough fight against an opponent who can not be seen.

Gohan and Piccolo are fighting Dr. Rota, but suddenly Rota is knocked over by someone and put out of action. This mysterious shooter then attacks Gohan and Piccolo. The enemy leaves no trace and their shooting technique is unknown. Will Piccolo and Gohan counterattack against this mysterious stranger?

Vegeta underestimated his enemy at first, but even he takes part in the action when he realizes the danger of this opponent.


Tenshinhan also quickly realizes the danger that Gohan and Piccolo are in. He uses a special attack to try to determine the enemy's position!.

As it says in this summary, we will see Piccolo and Gohan in action who will have difficulties against a mysterious warrior that they can not see. The last time we saw these two characters they were facing the only two remaining members of universe 10, eventually defeating them.

It is worth noting that nothing is mentioned regarding the result of the battle between Muten Roshi and the warriors of Universe 4. Despite this, it was announced that during this next episode we will be able to see a moment of action from Tenshinhan. He will intervene in the fight, helping Gohan and Piccolo.


Invisible enemies

Previously, we saw that Quitela's universe 4 was missing 2 members. Now we know these invisible members are the ones who will confront Gohan and his teacher. In addition to being invisible, everything indicates that these enemies can hide their presence, hiding their energy, making it difficult to locate them, attacking while others are fighting with other warriors.

We do not know exactly what kind of technique is used by these warriors, but we believe that they may mimic the environment to obtain this invisibility. On the other hand, we believe that it is ridiculous for these warriors to attack. If they are invisible and unable to be detected by their energy, they could have remained motionless until the end of the tournament, leaving only them on the platform.


By doing this they would have avoided the battles and would have lasted until the end of the tournament.

Unfortunately, these enemies chose two of the most intelligent individuals in the tournament. Gohan and Piccolo form an alliance that is not only powerful, but also very intelligent and strategic, so they will surely decipher how to determine the enemy's position so that they can counter attack and eliminate them from the tournament.

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