The latest list of fighters from the participating and remaining universes in the #Tournament of Power in the popular anime series “#Dragon Ball Super” has been released. The list aims to provide viewers the preview of how each universe fairs in terms of each fighter’s skills and power. This becomes more interesting as the Universe 6 roster of fighters not only have Saiyans but two powerful Namekians as well.

Universe 6 Namekians

In the previous episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans saw how fighters from both Universes 6 and 7 have worked simultaneously to defeat the Pride Troopers including their leader, Kahseral. The upcoming episode 102 will be another series to watch out for as previous spoilers reveal a fusion of three warriors from Universe 2 will be showcased.

This could mean that since it is allowed, all other participating universes can also use fusion.

As fans are waiting for the 102nd episode to air this weekend, Jump Magazine released a full list of the fighters of the participating universes in the Tournament of Power. Interestingly, Universe 6 has a couple of fighters that are Namekian namely, Saoneru and Purina. While information about these fighters is scarce at the moment, it appears that Saoneru has a strong resemblance to Piccolo. In fact, they could be mistaken as twin brothers.

Their powers, fighting skills, and techniques are not yet known. So at this point, it is hard to speculate if these two are at par with Piccolo. Noticeably, the Earth’s Namekian fighter has shown in the previous episodes that he has achieved a higher level of power.

He is Gohan’s mentor and is one of the greatest fighters on Earth. Seeing these Namekians fight in the Tournament of Power will be very interesting.

U6’s roster of fighters

With the latest information revealed, Universe 6 fighters include the assassin Hit, Frieza’s look-alike Frost, and Magetta. Fans have seen the Saiyans of Universe 6 in the previous episodes of the anime series. This includes Caulifla’s mentor, Cabba, and other Saiyans namely, Caulifla and her protege Kale who has displayed her controlled Berserker form in the recently-concluded episode. Joining the list of fighters are Botamo and the newly revealed character, Dr.Rota, wholooks like a war hog. All the fighters of this universe are still in the Tournament of Power, and the Namekians Saoneru and Purina are not yet shown in any episode.

The future episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” are going to be a lot more exciting with the recently revealed fighter. Most likely, fans will see these new Namekian characters battle against Piccolo. It would be interesting to see how these newly-introduced characters fair when matched with the fan-favorite characters in the series. Moreover, it seems that in terms of fighters and their skills, Universes 6 and 7 have power levels that are almost the same. #Namekian Fighters