Impressive, new images were revealed today with detailed information about the Tournament of Power, the participating universes, and, of course, the members from each one. Thankfully, this little graphic guide helps a little to understand the current situation of some universes.

In the official filtered image, we find the presence of all the eighty participating warriors. The information is brief, and there is not much to detail except some exclusive information that we did not know until now. In this article, we will focus mainly on two of the twelve universes by analyzing them and discovering the characteristics of each one.


Universe three

  • Narirama, eliminated by Hit.
  • Nigurishi, eliminated by Kabe
  • The precho, eliminated by Tien Shin Han

Many thought that Nigurishi would be the leader of the team from the third universe because it was the one that had some previous protagonism in the recruitment episodes.

But great was the surprise when they eliminated him quickly after receiving a blow from Kabe, the warrior from the sixth galaxy. However, everything makes sense now. Nigurishi was not really the leader of the team since the real leader ended up being Paparoni, a fighter with incredible qualities who has the control of all the members of his team.

All members from the third universe are beings with artificial intelligence, and all are controlled by Paparoni. This fighter makes use of his cane to control them.


Unfortunately, it has a terrible disadvantage because if Paparoni is defeated, the whole universe will be eliminated. However, the destructive god Mosco already showed the potential of his planetary system.

The fourth universe

This universe has lost three members:

  • Shosa, kicked out by Krilin
  • Nink, eliminated by Son Goku
  • Mayora, also eliminated by Krilin

We have at least some information about all the characters participating in The Tournament of Power, except two. We still do not know the identity of these two opponents who are not yet on the board of Zeno sama.

The only one who seems to have a slight difficulty is Ganos, the spy of the destroying god of from the fourth universe. Basically, they possess ninja skills and interesting techniques.

The Tournament of Power is a tournament made by the King of Everything, the King of Everything of the Alternative Future, and prepared by the Great Priest. The tournament consists of a pitched battle by teams where the strength of the participants are tested and the destruction of the universes begins.

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