Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power just had Universe 10 annihilated at the hands of the King of Universes, leaving six teams remaining to fight against each other for survival. We have seen Dyspo’s incredible speed during his battle against the guys from team Universe 6 that even the God Of Destruction had a hard time dealing with him. Angel Vados was able to keep up although it wasn’t easy for him to do it. Universe 9 was the first team to get defeated in the tournament when both Goku and Vegeta went Super Saiyan Blue.


The previous episode has showcased the return of the Super Saiyan God through Goku but what’s interesting is that Vegeta might also transform into SSG soon.

Will Vegeta transform into Super Saiyan God?

Recently, one fan asked one of theDragon Ball Super writers if there is a way for Vegeta to transform into SSG. “I think he can use SSG. I’d like to see SSG on “DBS,” the writer replied on Twitter. While everyone knows that the prince of all Saiyans is able to switch to this form in the manga version, he has not been seen using this form in the anime.

Apparently, fans would love to see him with this transformation just like what Goku did in the most recent episode. Goku had to transform to help Hit from Universe 6 take down Dyspo, a Pride Trooper from Universe 11, whose speed is faster than the Gods of Destruction.

“Dragon Ball Super” fans are always used to seeing Vegeta transform into SSB just like what he did with Goku when they fought side-by-side against team Universe 9. Since he transforms into Super Saiyan Blue most of the time, fans believe that he will never switch to SSG especially that SSB has surpassed the form.


However, if the writer hinted that Vegeta might transform into Super Saiyan God in the tournament, it would be great to see him fight against the known strongest fighters in the battle royal. We’d love to!

How powerful is Super Saiyan God?

It was the first time that Goku transformed into SSG in “Dragon Ball Super.” The last time that we saw him in this form was during “DBZ: Battle of Gods” when he had to fight against Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7. This form uses less energy compared to SSB although it’s weaker than the Blue transformation.

However, it’s faster than SSB. If this used with the Blue form as what we saw in Goku when he switched between SSB and SSG, these will create the ultimate fighter.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 105 is set to air on August 27. It airs on Crunchyroll on Saturdays at 7:17 PM CST. It's English dub airs on Adult Swim at 11:30 PM. Stay tuned!