Recently, V-Jump dropped its latest issue that features the main protagonist of Dragon Ball Super” Son Goku, in his newest Super Saiyan transformation. The brand new form though has no further details released since it was teased by the anime’s producer a couple of months ago. The only thing that fans know is that the Saiyan fighter will enter a “new ground, ” but there is no telling as to when it will debut. Yesterday, Toei Animation released footage that teases Goku’s [VIDEO] new transformation, and it looks like it will happen once he battles with the strongest fighter of Universe 11, Jiren The Grey.

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Will he survive against the muscular humanoid in his brand new form?

Goku’s brand new transformation teased

Toei Animation has been promoting “One Piece” and Dragon Ball Super in their one-hour specials, which will take place in October 2017.

The studio also released a footage for “DBS” that already has fans buzzing over Goku's brand new form, where he can be seen fighting against Jiren, also a member of the Pride Trooper. The muscular humanoid has rejected the Saiyan warrior to fight and sent his comrades instead for Goku although they have been defeated. In the animation reel, Goku can be seen going head-to-head [VIDEO] against Jiren before he transforms to his “new ground.”

“Dragon Ball Super” will possibly have Son Goku experience predicament first in fighting against Jiren The Grey before he discovers his brand new form. Everyone knows that Saiyans transform when they are in their rage, and Goku’s battle against the Pride Trooper might put him into trouble. That being said, fans believe that when the Saiyan fighter notices that he is in a tight spot, he might finally learn that he can enter another new transformation that he hasn’t done before.

The brand new form features Goku in his infamous spiked hair, but the color remains black while wearing a stern expression.

The new form

What’s more interesting in Goku’s new transformation in “Dragon Ball Super” is that his eyes are shining silver, which suggests that it also mirrors Zamasu’s eyes. Thus, fans suggest that he might also transform into an actual Kai. The form also shows him surrounded by a white-blue aura with his Gi frayed away from his torso. The new form is apparently gorgeous.

The new transformation’s possible debut

“Dragon Ball Super” one-hour special is set to air on October 8, and this might be the time that Goku debuts his new form. However, some fans suggest that it might be showcased on September 24. This will be in Episode 108, which will be the final episode before the anime takes a break for a couple of weeks. What do you think?