Dragon Ball Super” has released its side story since it originally premiered in July 2015 including the first booklet that featured the Kai Planet’s restoration. The second side story was also released with the Pilaf gang being showcased yearning for the youth, which is the reason why they are kids now. At the 2017 Jump Victory Carnival, another side story of the hit anime series’ manga version was also released featuring the outcome of the Zamasu and Goku Black Saga. Fans were quick to speculate that Future Trunks will possibly make a comeback to the series soon after the Universal Survival Arc ends.


Will Future Trunks return?

According to Comic Book, theDragon Ball Super side story states that Mai and Trunks were actually gearing up to stay at Bulma’s for good but Gohan eventually changed his mind. The half-Saiyan fighter asked Trunks that he wants to go to the future to meet Bulma in “peaceful times,” which made Trunks change his plans. He decided to go back to the future instead with Mai without telling Gohan that they have had intentions to stay and acted like he has always wanted to return instead.

Some fans suggest that Future Trunks might be part in the Tournament of Power if Gohan’s request did not come to pass.

It can be recalled in the previous episode of “Dragon Ball Super” when Goku resorted to a risky option by asking Fortuneteller Baba to temporarily resurrect Frieza so he can join the tournament. According to some experts, Goku didn’t have to have the former Emperor of evil in the team if Future Trunks happened to stay. The guy is known for his Rage power up that included a combination of his Ascended Saiyan and Super Saiyan forms. Apparently, fans are hoping to see him again in the anime anytime soon. Goku would love that idea.


Future Trunks might appear in the next arc

The Tournament of Power is not yet done but fans are already wondering as to what “Dragon Ball Super” has in the pipeline. Theories have it that since the four strongest universes are exempted to compete in the battle royal, it’s possible that they will have their own time soon after the tournament ends. Since Goku is expected to win, these four universes might be his next challenge with one mortal fighter that is said to be more powerful than a God of Destruction.

Therefore, it’s possible that Goku may need Future Trunks to help him defeat this powerful mortal warrior.

Either way, fans are already looking forward to seeing Future Trunks in “Dragon Ball Super.” There is no telling yet about the next arc but this theory is highly possible. What do you think?