When it comes to #universe 6 and Universe 7, there is parallelism in their fighters. There are Saiyan fighters and Frieza's race. I don't know if you can compare Botamo and Majin Buu, but there is only one race that has not been seen yet in Universe 6: the #Namekians. These green creatures seem to be missing from the Universe 6.

If there were another Namekian in the competition, it would be problematic. Piccolo's regenerative abilities are great in the tournament because this ability has the potential to be the key to winning the Tournament of Power. If there's a Namekian in the Universe 6, and the fact that it seems like they're more talented than their Universe 7 counterparts, it will raise their chances of winning.

It turns out that there are Namekians from Universe 6.

The Namekians of Universe 6

Twitter user Erren Van Duine learned that the mystery warriors of Universe 6 are Namekians. There are two Namekians that were shadowed when Universe 6 was introduced eons ago. These Namekians have a different shade of color. While Piccolo and Universe 7's Namekians have a skin of standard green, the U6 counterparts have a darker shade of green.

A Namekian that has Evil Piccolo's vibe in him is called Saoneru. He has a build similar to Piccolo, and it is expected that his most powerful asset is his speed. The other Saiyan, which looks like Lord Slug without the nasty scar, is called Pirina.

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He seems to be someone with a great endurance.

There is still no hint of the Namekians having the ability to do fusion with each other like Kami and Piccolo did. But theoretically, if Saoneru and Pirini do fuse, they can become a very powerful Namek Lord. This fusion might overpower Piccolo and push him to his limits which could cause his elimination. As seen in their faces, the U6 Namekians seem to emanate an evil aura, which could mean that U6 Namekians are really evil.

There is still a mystery warrior from U6. He is named "Dr. Rota" and has a beastly appearance. It is still unknown when he will come out, but even though we have not seen him fight in this tournament yet, we suspect he will be a very strong enemy.

Happenings in the next episodes

Gohan will finally fight in the next episode (103) of this arc. This means that it is very obvious that we will see Piccolo and Gohan working together. There could be a Master-Student epic moment and it might build Gohan's role in the tournament. Of course, there's also the Goku and Hit team-up, but as a Gohan fan, I am more excited to see his improvement after his training with Piccolo. #Dragon Ball Super