#Dragon Ball Super has just started its #Tournament of Power, which is the main storyline of the current #Universal Survival Arc that pits all eight participating universes against all different 80 warriors. The Omni-King will annihilate seven of them, and there will only be one universe to survive in the deadly martial arts tournament.

Universe 9 was the first galaxy that the King of Universes cheerfully wiped out and Universe 7’s Krillin has also been eliminated when Frost shockingly defeated him. Since the tournament is already in its meat of the current arc, fans are now wondering what the hit anime series has in store for fans.

Fortunately, the anime has somewhat revealed what could be the next possible arc [VIDEO].

What’s the anime’s next possible arc?

During “Dragon Ball Super” episode 93, Universe 7’s Angel, Whis said that there is one mortal fighter from a universe whose power is greater than a God of Destruction [VIDEO]. Most fans were quick to speculate that Whis was referring to Jiren The Grey, the strongest warrior of Universe 11. Toppo has previously admitted that even his combined powers with Goku can’t surpass Jiren’s power and the Saiyan fighter has been impressed by his extraordinary skills. This is one reason why Goku is eager to fight against the muscular humanoid warrior.

Others also believe that this fighter will be introduced to “Dragon Ball Super” anytime soon especially that there are still several fighters that are yet to be revealed.

However, some fans think that this mortal fighter could be from one of the four strongest universes that are exempted from the Tournament of Power. Universes 1, 5, 8 and 12 have the highest mortal level ranking, which is why they are excluded in the tournament. Thus, some fans suggest that the mortal fighter is possibly coming from any of these four universes, which will possibly be the next focus of the anime.

Will the mortal fighter’s wrath be the next arc?

According to Comic Book, if mortal fighter is from any of those four strongest universes, it’s possible that he or she will only show up once the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power ends. Goku has a huge chance to win, and this fighter might want to meet him following the battle royal to fight against him. Some fans also suggest that this warrior could be a new villain that Goku will have to face against after the tournament. Therefore, the next possible arc might be focused on this mortal fighter.

Do you think that the next “Dragon Ball Super” arc will focus on this mortal warrior from a certain universe?