When the universes were gearing up for the #Dragon Ball Super #Tournament of Power, Goku set off to recruit ten of the most powerful warriors in Universe 7 to help defend their home from the Omni-King’s annihilation. Majin Buu was originally part of the team but because of too much training, he fell into a ritual sleep and that meant a long wait of months before he would wake up. To replace him, Goku resorted to a more risky option by recruiting the former emperor of evil, Frieza. However, there were theories that he might betray the team and the possible candidate to replace him is #Yamcha. However, it looks like the ex-bandit is not making his way to the anime and here’s why [VIDEO].

Why is Yamcha not joining the tournament?

Recently, ComicBook reported that a magazine’s latest issue hit shelves in Japan [VIDEO] that featured “Dragon Ball Super” fun facts including the characters that didn’t make it to the Tournament of Power. Todd Blankenship was quick to translate it to all English-speaking readers, which includes why Yamcha is not part of the deadly martial arts tournament. “Yamcha: Goku never asked,” reads the mag’s content about the ex-bandit’s exclusion from the battle royal. Apparently, it’s Goku’s fault or let’s say he forgot to ask the guy to join the team in defending their home. Other fan-made theories also suggest that the Saiyan fighter probably did not ask him because Vegeta is part of the team.

“Dragon Ball Super” fans can recall that Yamcha is Bulma’s ex-boyfriend.

Her husband now is Vegeta and speculations are rife that the Saiyan prince may not be happy fighting with Yamcha in the team. While it does make sense, there are still fans who would love to see the ex-bandit to fight in the tournament. After all, the man is known for having a helping hand and he might just be waiting in the corner for Goku to recruit him to join the team. It’s been a long time since we last saw him fight and everyone is hoping to see him put his battle techniques to good use.

Yamcha’s voice actor hints the character’s return

Yamcha’s voice actor Toshio Yoshita took to Twitter in June and hinted the character’s possible participation in “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power. He said that he’s been busy recording Yamcha’s voice although he did not provide any more details. One of the anime’s writers also replied to a fan query on whether the ex-bandit is joining “DBS” and said that either way, the man’s power is certainly needed. Fans were then quick to speculate that Yamcha is certainly joining the anime.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 103 is expected to air on Aug. 13. Stay tuned, folks!