#Dragon Ball Super episode 101 was aired last weekend and it brought surprising explosives from one of the Saiyan fighters in Universe 6. The #Tournament of Power still rolls and there will be six more universes to be wiped out by the King of Universes soon if they fail to defend their homes. Team Universe 7 is already one man down but we know that Goku won’t just let his home destroyed by the Omni-King. The episode put the two female Saiyans (#Kale and Caulifla) again in the spotlight as they went head-to-head against Universe 11. What’s more interesting is that Kale entered another form [VIDEO], which saved her superior from deadly attacks.

Kale’s new transformation

Kale can enter a Berserker state upon transforming into Super Saiyan but the latest “Dragon Ball Super” episode already had fans buzzing over her new form. Everyone knows that once she goes Berserk, she tends to be oblivious to everything around her unlike when she is in her usual Female Broly form. She doesn’t even hear Caulifla calling out to her and can mow down fighters whenever she’s in a “mad state.” However, her new transformation is less bulky than her ‘Broly’ transformation and she is now fully aware of everything around her. It seems that the new SS form is controllable compared to the Berserker state.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 101 showed Kale’s failure in transforming into SS during the battle against the guys from Universe 11.

As her superior, Caulifla stepped in to help her protégé but the Pride Troopers did not concede to the female Saiyans’ attacks. Instead, the guys trapped Kale in a dimensional prison, keeping her away from her leader, who was pounded by the attacks of Toppo’s warriors. As a result, instead of entering a Berserker state, the girl managed to pull off a new transformation, which is one of the most gorgeous forms in the anime ever. In her new form, she was able to break out from the trap and helped her superior against the three guys from U11 that possess a tag-team Ki beam.

Kale’s wrath in the battle royal

She is one of the most hot-topics among “Dragon Ball Super” fans since she was teased in the promo for Universal Survival Arc. When Kale transforms into her ultimate Broly, she has a chance to kill her opponents and her new form only adds more power to her transformation. Goku had previously considered her and Caulifla as one of the biggest threats in the Tournament of Power. So, there’s something to think about as to who will survive in the battle royal.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 102 titled “The Power of Love Explodes?! Universe 2’s Magical Girl Warrior!!” is scheduled to air on August 6. Stay tuned!