Goku's new transformation has become one of the most important themes in "Dragon Ball Super." This transformation stands out, because of the incredible aura that comes from his body, besides being less dense than the Blue God, and also the eyes, which now have turned gray, but if you look closer, you may even notice that his pupils are "torn".

In ancient times, "torn" pupils were attributed to mortal beings that possessed the ability to ascend to higher dimensions, where only the gods could dwell.


If Akira Toriyama relied on that theory, then it could make a lot of sense. Goku is a mortal who has finally ascended to the true level of the gods. In other words, this would be the true transformation of the Super Saiyan God.

What is the meaning of gray?

The gray or silvery color in the Japanese culture means that the mortal possesses certain characteristics that only non-mortal beings possessed. The real meaning is summed up in three words: serenity, protection, and temperance. All of them, attributes of the gods.

The fact that Son Goku has previously shown his two levels, the red and blue god, could indicate that he has perfectly assimilated the level of the deities, so he can finally show the true face of a real Saiyan god.

Finally, the warrior that Bills was able to see in a silhouette long ago is born.

Does manga 27 mention the transformation?

The answer could be found in the manga chapter 27. Although there are still a few translations, we managed to find one of the scenes that we consider worth mentioning, as it could contain a small response or idea to the new transformation.


In the scene where Bills is on his planet and interacts again with the Oracle Fish, the latter seems to show something to Bills that leaves him totally baffled.

The Oracle Fish maintains that Goku and Vegeta will be formidable opponents for Bills one day, giving him to understand that both would surpass him at any moment. For this reason, the destroying god becomes angry and asks Vegeta to confront one another in a duel.

If we take into account this statement from the Oracle Fish with the new transformation of Goku, it makes a lot of sense that he would the one to fight against the other mortal with the level of the gods from universe eleven in the Tournament of Power.

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