Toei Animation in July released a poster for#Dragon Ball Super #Tournament of Power featuring Son Goku in his somewhat new transformation that is yet to be confirmed and determined. The people behind the hit anime series are still mum about the Saiyan’s possible new form but theories and speculations have surfaced online. Some fans suggest that it could be that he is only getting a new Kaio-Ken power up for the battle royal. However, some experts suggest otherwise. Recently, one of the anime’s voice actors teased the Saiyan’s new form and it looks like it’s indeed a new transformation and not just a power up.

Yamcha’s voice actor teases Goku’s new transformation

Toshio Yoshita, the guy behind Yamcha’s voice brought excitement to all “Dragon Ball Super” fans when he quickly answered a fan query whether Goku is getting a new form in the Tournament of Power [VIDEO].

“It’s a secret, but I’m expecting the birth of a new form!” he replied to a fan named @JOEJOEAW22 on Twitter. Judging by his response, it looks like everyone should look forward to the Saiyan’s new transformation instead of a Kaio-Ken power up, which has happened a few times in the past. Goku has tapped different transformations before such as #Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, among others. However, fans would be glad to be treated again by another new form if it turns out to be true.

The poster that Toei Animation dropped last month to celebrate the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power shows Goku’s back while facing forward and surrounded by his orange Gi down his chest. The new form’s power is visibly oozing around his taut back with his hair that’s different from his SS do. Although his locks are still standing up straight, its usual SS color is replaced with black, which is a sign of a new transformation that he will soon unleash in the battle royal.

If voice actor Toshio Yoshita is expecting a new form, why can’t we? It wouldn’t be too bad.

Goku’s new form means survival

The “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power is deadly because all the losing universes will be wiped out with its millions of inhabitants. Thus, Goku and his team are doing their best to champion their home or face the deadly consequences of losing the battle royal. If his new form will soon be unleashed, this means that team Universe 7 has an edge to survival. Weekly Shonen’s Jump July issue has hinted that something terrible will happen soon with Goku’s tense back.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 102 titled “The Power of Love Explodes?! Universe 2’s Magical Girl Warrior!!” is set to air on August 6. Stay tuned, folks!