The latest episode of "Dragon Ball Super" has shown Master Roshi's tenacity. He wields all his life force to perform the greatest and most powerful Kamehameha. This is powerful enough to throw Ganos off the stage, but it cost Roshi his life for the feat. Well, almost.

Goku appeared just in time to save Master Roshi and bring him back to Earth (or void, whatever you call it). He was surely dead for about ten seconds when Goku made a Ki Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. He was alive again because of Goku's last minute miracle.


But how did Goku make this miracle out of nowhere?

The answer is Ki

The usage of Ki was introduced as in as early as the times of "Dragon Ball" when Goku was just a kid with an unusual tail and power pole. The first person to use Ki was Master Roshi himself. He put down a great fire using a Kamehameha. Goku learned the move instantly.

Ki, by literal translation, translates to "life energy" or "energy". It flows throughout the universe and every living species has this. To make things easier, when you're out of Ki, you're a dead meat.

Ways to use Ki

There are different ways an individual can use Ki. It usually depends on the person's Ki control on how the Ki will turn out. Usually, Ki is used as energy blasts and energy orbs that can be thrown at the enemy for damage. The very common example is the Kamehameha.

Ki is also used to enable a person to fly by controlling it properly. There are also Ki forgers that make weapons out of energy such as Kahserahl and Goku. Ki can also be used to create a barrier or a guard to reduce or negate opponents' attack.


Some people have the ability to convert Ki into healing powers such as Dende and Future Trunks in the manga. Though it usually requires more stamina if the healer is weaker than the one being healed.

So, Goku is a healer now?

Not quite. As I said earlier, when you ran out of Ki, you're already a dead meat. Goku can achieve the Super Saiyan Blue, a state that requires superb Ki control. Goku can control his energy and perform a Ki Transfer to replenish energy and strength. Ki Transfer can also power up to someone, just like when Goku and Vegeta transferred their energy to Trunks to beat Fused Zamasu.

Goku also transferred Ki to a knocked out Frieza before leaving him in Planet Namek.

Master Roshi was not just knocked out of consciousness. He was on the brink of death. And to revive him, Goku needed to transfer a lot of God Ki (to the point that he returned to his base form) just to successfully revive the old man. Ki Transfer is a

Ki Transfer is a useful technique in the Tournament of Power. You will want to have more members left near the end. To survive, this technique could come in a handy.


Imagine the two androids to focus their unlimited Ki and Stamina reserves into healing all their teammates.