Dragon Ball Super” has already teased that Goku is getting a brand new Super Saiyan transformation and we’ve seen what his new form looks like. Recently, the producers released the footage to promote the anime’s one-hour special that will be aired in October, showcasing the Saiyan fighter’s new form. Some fans suggest that the new transformation might debut during its one-hour special, but others believe that it might happen earlier than that. There is not enough information about the brand new form.

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However, experts and contributors of the hit anime series are down for some incredible tidings about Goku’s highly-anticipated new SS transformation [VIDEO].

Is Goku’s brand new transformation ruthless?

According to Ken Xyro, Goku’s new form in Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power is going to be violent and will involve the awakening of the original "brutal and cruel Saiyan genes [VIDEO].” Apparently, Universe 7 is familiar with the ruthless history of the Saiyan race, and this might be awakened again through Goku’s brand new form.

Spoilers also suggest that there will be terrible things to happen in the battle royal and this might lead Goku to transform into his impending new form. The Saiyan warrior is known for tapping into different SS transformations especially when he is enraged. Thus, there must be the reason for his anger in the tournament.

Will the Zen-Oh allow killings in the tournament?

Recently, a fan-made theory suggests that the King of Universes might be bored with “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power and might change the rules. Killings and bringing of weapons are not allowed in the battle arena but given how intense last week’s episode, the Zen-Oh might just allow the warriors to kill their opponents. Fans can recall when Master Roshi almost rubbed shoulders with death when he collapsed after his match with Ganos from Universe 4.

Thanks to Goku for reviving his mentor using his God Ki the Turtle Hermit is still alive and back to his perverted nature. Nonetheless, it was indeed a heart-rending episode.

When will Goku’s new form debut?

Toei Animation earlier last week was busy promoting the one-hour specials of two of its biggest anime series “Dragon Ball Super” and “One Piece” that will premiere in October. There is no telling as to when would Goku’s brand new Super Saiyan transformation debuts. Some fans suggest that it will happen during its TV special on October 8. However, others also suggest that it might happen in Episode 108 before the anime takes a long week break to give way to the one-hour special of “OP.”

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 108 is expected to air on September 17. Stay tuned!