#Dragon Ball Super fans are going crazy about the most recent issue of a Japanese magazine that features a lot of merchandise of the hit anime series. What caught fans attention is the packaging of the #Goku’s chocolate treat molded in his shape that shows an image of him (possibly) powering up behind his Super #Saiyan Blue form. The promo art shows the Saiyan in his distinct red hair although it’s a totally spiky hair, which makes fans to believe that it’s his brand new transformation. The folks behind the hit anime series have previously teased that Goku will enter a “new ground” and the image might have been leaked by accident. Now, several theories and speculations have surfaced online about the Saiyan’s newest transformation [VIDEO].

Is it a brand new transformation or just a power up?

According to Comic Book, “Dragon Ball Super” will begin to sell Goku’s chocolate molds this year. Its packaging that was featured in the new Japanese magazine already has fans buzzing. Some fans suggest that it could be a fusion between his Super Saiyan Blue form and Kaio-Ken. Others believe that it’s a brand new SS transformation but there’s no telling yet what kind of form it would be. Either way, most fans are convinced that the image in the packaging of the anime’s merchandise is Goku’s brand new form [VIDEO], which was previously teased by the anime’s producer.

There are “Dragon Ball Super” fans that suggest the promo art in the packaging is just Goku’s SSJ or SSB transformation with a red color. People say that the anime’s merchandise sometimes uses color filters and some of the anime’s collections also have red filters in them.

However, the merchandise has previously leaked some of his transformations before such as the Super Saiyan Rose. If it turns out to be true, then people won’t be surprised. After all, the transformation can mean that Goku will champion team Universe 7 in the deadly martial arts tournament.

Fans have different theories over Goku’s mysterious form

“From the new leaks of Goku's new form.....it makes me think it's not what we think and is a higher power of Kaioken with him covered in red,” wrote @DBSpriteFight on Twitter. Another fan also said that the chocolate Goku merchandise means that “Dragon Ball Super” is trying to deliver a message to everyone. However, it is yet to be determined comes the time of his brand new transformation in the Tournament of Power. Absolutely.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 102 titled “The Power of Love Explodes?! Universe 2’s Magical Girl Warrior!!” is expected to air on Aug. 6. Stay tuned!