This week the synopsis of episode 104 of "Dragon Ball Super" was revealed that after a long time, the original red saiyajin god would return to the plot of the animated series. Immediately, many fans began to doubt the return of this transformation due to the fact that it had already been surpassed more than eighty episodes ago.

However, to the surprise of fans, the return of this transformation has just been confirmed thanks to one of the official writers of "Dragon Ball Super" via Twitter.

In other words, we will see the original transformation of the super saiyajin god again.


An unexpected return?

On Twitter, the writer Toshio Yoshitaka posted that the return of the Red God mode is not as unexpected as it seems. A fan debated with him about the mentioned transformation, alluding that it could be some mistake. As expected, Toshio responded and clarified that it is not an error. The phase of the gods will appear anyway.

In this way, the plot of the tournament becomes even more interesting with this unexpected event.

Everything matches, and it seems that Dyspo and Pride Trooper Warrior will be tricky opponents to defeat. In a way, his attack is capable of counteracting the leap of Hit's time, putting the hit man from the sixth universe in trouble.


Benefits of the super saiyan red god

There are many benefits that come with choosing this transformation, and here are some of the following:

  • He will be obtaining a great advantage when using the red super saiyajin since it allows body regeneration. Goku will now be able to take advantage of this and recover from all the damage he has received so far.
  • In addition, there may also be a probability that he will use kaioken fused with this powerful form, as he normally does with the Super Saiyan Blue transformation.

Hit will lose?

Fortunately, it is not yet the end for Hit since the same writer says from his Twitter account that he is still waiting for a much more interesting battle. According to Toshio, a few scenes later Hit will face the prince of the saiyan race, Vegeta.

Both will have an exclusive episode to show all their powers and it is expected that Vegeta will end up being stronger.

Hit, also known as Hit the Infallible or the Legendary Assassin, is one of Champa's warriors who appears in "Dragon Ball Super" and participates in the Tournament of the Universal Association of Martial Arts.

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