Fans of 'Dragon Ball Super' can't wait to see the special episode that will air on October 8. This chapter will be an hour-long, and, going by the speculations, it may lead to the unveiling of Goku's new transformation.

This information was revealed on Thursday, and it also sheds light on the fact that this wouldn't be the only epic event. There will be more battles and unique moments in this chapter. Here's a list that fans hope to see in the special episode.

New Transformation of Goku vs Jiren The Gray

Every true fan of "Dragon Ball Super" is aware of this transformation. In this one-hour special, Goku will demonstrate the immense power hidden by the Saiyan race. It, however, remains to be seen how and why Goku will get this incredible power, but for now, fan theories suggest that he will surpass the power of a god of destruction.


Golden Frieza vs Toppo

Another great moment that we could see in this episode is the transformation of Frieza in the tournament. Everything indicates that the tyrant of universe 7 will demonstrate his power in this special episode. That same information mentions that he will face Toppo, leader of universe 11, in a duel in which justice and evil will come to fruition.

Vegeta and Hit rematch

For many fans, this is the most anticipated event. Vegeta fans have been dreaming of a rematch against the universe 6 assassins who humiliated him in the past tournament. We can now say that this battle is 100% confirmed. Recently, one of the writers of the series confirmed on Twitter that Vegeta would have his revenge against the infallible assassin of the sixth universe.


After this battle, Champa's universe 6 would be eliminated.

The information is really surprising, mentioning that, in this special, we will see exhilarating battles. This chapter will last an hour and during that time we will see the most incredible scenes of the series. In addition to that, it was confirmed that the animation of this episode will be spectacular, so the expectations facing this epic chapter are high.

Is this information official?

Yes, considering it was revealed by one of the most reliable pages that cover this series. However, we do question the victory of Frieza against Toppo. By guiding us with previews and spoilers that the franchise offers us, we can assure you that Frieza will defeat Toppo.


Chances are that it will be Jiren who will eliminate Vegeta and Frieza, leaving Goku to the end.

Chapter 106 will be released on September 2 and will feature Picollo and Gohan, who will fight against an invisible opponent that will cause them many problems. Universe 7 will unify to defeat this tough adversary. You can see this chapter subtitled in pages like Crunchyroll.