#Dragon Ball Super” spoilers for episodes 103 and 104 reveal more intense battles. #Episode 104 also features the unexpected teaming up of #Goku with a fighter from another universe. Hit of Universe 6 would be in deep trouble and the Super Saiyan would be his surprise ally. Meanwhile, Gohan returns to the fighting scene and would defeat his opponent Botamo.

'DBS' fans would see Goku helping an adversary?

“DBS” fans would witness an unexpected twist in episode 104 of the hit anime series. The synopsis, as translated by Ken Xyro, revealed Universe 7 and Universe 6 fighters would unite to fight against Universe 11.

Dragon Ball Super” episode 104 titled “Super High-Speed Battle Breaks Out! Goku and Hit’s Joint Battle!!” is set to air on Aug.

20. Fans should look forward to the unexpected tag teaming of Goku and Hit in one intense battle.

The description said the Pride Troopers would be on the advantage side and Hit would get into deep trouble. The synopsis specified that it was Dyspo who would really give the latter the most difficult time.

Dyspo would prove to have better abilities. The synopsis said the warrior from Universe 11 was able to block the movements of Hit through bullets of light.

As Hit appears to be on the losing side, the unexpected twist would take place. Goku would suddenly intervene in the battle. Fans would also see the powerful fighter from Universe 7 transforms into his Super Saiyan God form.

The tipster emphasized on his tweet that the description did not specify “Blue.” Goku would most likely become the Super Saiyan Red God.

What to expect this weekend?

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode 103 titled “Don’t Go Easy, Gohan! Decisive Battle With Universe 10!!” will air this Sunday. It would feature Gohan showing off his powers in the Tournament of Powers.

The description said Gohan has gained back his powers. Fans would witness how he would hit his opponent, Botamo, with multiple punches on the belly. With the use of Kamehameha trick, the former would send off the Universe 10 warrior in to the sky defeated.

Gohan would also fight his second opponent, Obni. After several exchange of punches, the former would also defeat his rival and would also knock him off to the air. Moreover, Obni would lose his rocket pendant in the battle.

Dragon Ball Super [VIDEO]” episode 103 titled “Don’t Go Easy, Gohan! Decisive Battle With Universe 10!!” is airing this Sunday, Aug. 13. The next episode 104 titled “Super High Speed Battle Breaks Out! Goku and Hit’s Joint Battle!!” follows on Aug. 20.

In addition, DBS spoiler Todd Blankenship noted on his Twitter post that there would be no episode of the anime series on Sept. 10.