To everyone's surprise, Chapter 105 of "Dragon Ball Super" ended up being the most exciting episode of the tournament of power to date, as the amazing participation of the master Roshi left us on the verge of tears for his surrender and overcoming of limits. In turn, the tears of Goku and Krillin generated thousands of feelings and nostalgia in the oldest fans of the series.

To elaborate a little on the events of the episode, we will review some interesting facts, and we will analyze the chapter in depth.

What you did not see from episode 105

First, this episode had certain references that not many noticed. One of them we could see in the dark warrior of universe 4, who claimed to be from a planet that sees little to no light.


Because of this, she feels more comfortable fighting in the dark, which also makes her powers increase. For the most absent-minded, this is a clear reference to Yakon, who appeared in the saga of Majin Buu.

Another reference we could see was the transformation of Ganos. We believe that the anatomy of this personage is similar to the one of the soldiers of Frieza and Zarbon. For those who do not remember, Zarbon concealed a transformation that made him exceed his limits. Ganos and Zarbon both experience a transformation turning them into a monster like a form. While Ganos' transformation was not visually striking, the change in his appearance was radical.

One last curious fact is that the number of participants remaining in the tournament was revealed, these being less than half. At the beginning there were 80 warriors, so today there would be between 35 and 40 participants on the platform of the world of the void.


Inconsistencies in the chapter

Leaving the references and curiosities aside, we will go on to explain some situations in the episode which were inconsistent for many fans. The first one was Master Roshi's Mafuba, which generated many doubts in the fans of the series since many affirm that he should have died.

From our perspective, the Mafuba used by the master did not consume enough energy, since it did not use a seal. It only temporarily contained the Warrior of universe 4 briefly enough to throw her off of the platform.

Another scene with inconsistency was the instant transmission of Goku. Most fans know that Goku must be able to sense a target's energy to use this technique. However, in this scene, Goku transports to master Roshi even though he was dead with no energy at all.


These were just a few of all the curiosities of Chapter 105, which, although it had some inconsistencies, was the most exciting episode of the entire tournament. It was filled with great battles and emotion as the entire community watched this anime.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball." For now, watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super," which comes to us through leaked information about this saga.