After the recent preview of episode 105, the plot will take a different turn and will be focused on Roshi. Everything seems to indicate that the teacher is plotting something that could be beneficial to the Seventh Universe, but unfortunately, it could also be detrimental to the master himself.

Goku wonders if Roshi will actually do the technique at the cost of his life and then shouts at him, telling him not to do it, because he could lose his life. Many doubts have been coming out of this. However, a new synopsis of the next episode has just been revealed, which unlike the rest, shows us a plot that you will probably regret to read.

New synopsis of episode 105

The recent synopsis has just been translated from Japanese. The official source is Fuji TV, the same channel where the series is broadcasted.

"Master Roshi is facing the rest of universe 4.


There is a small possibility that the fourth universe will be wiped out next week, but Master Roshi sacrifices himself in the process."

Will universe 4 be erased?

The synopsis is open to interpretation. It may be taken as the master will use the Mafuba at the cost of his life, but will end up taking the whole fourth universe with him.

Although it could also be taken as the death of Roshi and in the wake of his death, Goku or someone else avenges him by eliminating the entire universe four.

Kame Sennin in trouble?

If we take the hypothetical case that Roshi really loses his life performing the Mafuba, or some sort of technique that requires the wear of all of his energy, it is clear that it would be an important point in the story.


Killing the opponent is not allowed, but no one has said anything about sacrifice. If he dies in combat, Goku could not stand a situation as desperate as that and as the synopsis reveals, there is a chance that universe four will be erased and no one better than an angry Goku suddenly releasing his energy to avenge his own master.

Kame Sen'nin (Hermit Turtle) (Also called Master Roshi, Turtle Troll and Turtle Genie) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Dragon Ball. His disciples give him the title of Muten Rōshi, meaning invincible old teacher. His mastery of the martial arts and some strange water that he took years ago has allowed him an unlimited longevity.

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