New information regarding “#Dragon Ball Super” and the current Tournament of Power has just been revealed. Pages from the Japanese magazine Animedia have been translated, revealing some fresh content about the current saga. Next, we will analyze the resulting information.

Goku and Frieza

In the first leaked image, we can see both #Goku and Frieza. The first thing we can imply from this picture is that maybe the Saiyan and the Former Emperor of Evil could be the last two warriors standing in the arena capable of facing Jiren. In fact, a trailer obtained from “Dragon Ball Heroes” revealed some similar news, as it showed a battle between the three mentioned warriors.

Do Goku and Frieza have the same power level?

In the next page, Son Goku explains which criteria he used when recruiting the members of the Universe 7 team. We can even see the image of the back of the Saiyan in his “Limit Break” state.

It is also revealed that Goku is actually the strongest member of the Universe 7 team, but that Frieza’s power [VIDEO] is equal to that of the Saiyan’s, implying that he is stronger than Vegeta. In this matter, Krillin is also confirmed to be the strongest human.

In addition to all of this, there is a summary of each battle Goku waged to finally assemble the team for the Tournament of Power, while down below we can also see those characters that did not participate in the contest.

The reasons why the following characters did not participate in the tournament

  • Yamcha: Goku forgot about recruiting him.
  • Videl: Gohan would not allow it.
  • Goten and Trunks: They are just kids.
  • Jaco: He is busy protecting the galaxy.
  • Yajirobe: Lacks enough fighting power.

Here's an image of Goku and Frieza in the tournament and interview:

Which character should have been included in the Tournament?

A second poll took place in Tokyo.

In it, many fans of the franchise were asked which character they believe should have been included in Universe 7’s team. The answers obtained were varied, and the fans were allowed to pick any character. The winner of such poll was Yamcha, and after him came future Trunks and Majin Buu. Characters such as Bardock, Cell, and Hercule were also included.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball." If more information is revealed, it will be published. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available, and don't forget to tune in to the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super" to find out what happens in the Tournament of Power. #Power Level