New information about #Dragon Ball Super has been revealed [VIDEO], specifically about the Tournament of Power. It turns out that new pages have been released from the Japanese magazine Animedia, which has managed to translate some important parts of its content. This note discusses some main revelations. There is even an important interview made to the production of the animated series.

To begin with, in the first filtered image, we noticed the presence of Goku and Freezer. The first thing that comes to mind is that this could open the possibility that both would end up being the last two warriors to face Jiren.

In fact, previously a trailer for Dragon Ball Heroes, had also revealed something similar, showing us a battle between the mentioned warriors.

Do they have the same strength?

On the next page, #Son Goku explains the reason why he was choosing the characters that would be part of the team from the Seventh universe. The magazine also shows the image of the Saiyan's back in the Limit Breaker state or form. It was also revealed that Goku is the strongest team in universe 10; However, Freeza is currently paired with him, meaning that he is stronger than Vegeta. Meanwhile, Krillin is the strongest human.

The reasons why they were not summoned were the following:

  • Yamcha: Goku forgot to recruit him.
  • Videl: Gohan would not allow it.
  • Goten and Trunks: They are very children.
  • Jaco: He's busy protecting the galaxy.
  • Yajirobe: You do not have enough power.

What character should have been included in the power tournament?

A second poll was also brought to light.

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This was done in the streets of Tokyo, questioning fans of the animated series to determine which character should have been included in the power tournament. The answers were free, and fans included several characters from the origins of Dragon Ball to the current episodes of Super. The result got Yamcha as the winner, who obtained the most votes with 23.

After him, the list was led by the main character of the previous arc, Future Trunks [VIDEO], and Majin Buu, with only nine votes. Characters such as Bardock, Cell, Mister Satan had also been included.

Freezer is a fictional character created by Akira Toriyama and introduced in the series in chapter 247 of the manga. He is one of the most outstanding villains of the series of manga and anime Dragon Ball.

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