After the epic debut of the 103rd episode of "Dragon Ball Super," the eradication of Universe 10 was finally shown. This left an interesting reference focused on Gohan, Son Goku's eldest son.

By the time Gohan ends up defeating Opni, the last survivor of the 10th universe, an amulet falls on the platform of the Tournament of Power. The saiyan notices and watches it closely. Inside the amulet we see the eradication of Opni's wife and son. After that, Gohan remains still for several seconds, observing the photograph in silence.


Although he had no previous interactions with the people from that universe, he has realized that his rivals, for the most part, are not evil beings but are just fighting for their survival.

Will he awaken another hidden power?

Gohan seems to remember his family after seeing Opni’s and wonders what would happen if his wife Videl, his mother Chi-Chi, and his brother Goten were also eliminated. The destruction of the tenth universe marked his life from that moment. In the Cell saga, the death of Android 16 made him expel all his powers to become Super Saiyan phase two, and this time the reference is similar.

The destruction of Universe ten has made Gohan become stronger.

The saiyan has always been characterized by having a Hidden Power that is released by anger. However, he has not been angry for many episodes, so he probably has a power that has not yet been released and is saved for some future event.

Will he become stronger?

Gohan has matured after all the episodes watched so far.


In the Cell saga, after the death of Android 16, Gohan is petrified for a few seconds and then explodes in anger. His thirst for revenge turns him into an arrogant type of person that goes against Cell. However, now you can see the maturity of the character. After the eradication of Universe Ten, he is again stunned for a few seconds and seems to want to explode in anger but this time controls himself.

In the ending, we understand that Goku and Gohan are the main protagonists of this tournament.

It seems that both will have to deal with the latent threat that will await them soon. Not long ago, one of the main screenwriters and animators of the series had stated that they would expect great battles for the saiyajin, and it seems that those moments are already arriving.

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