A new image recently surfaced online that drove the fandom crazy. The front view of the hotly-talked about image of alleged Goku’s new form in “Dragon Ball Super” surfaced online. While it was revealed in the spoilers and summaries that the fan-favorite Z fighter will be shown in his SSGod form in episode 104, it appears that the hype about his new form is just getting started.

New Front view image

A new image of what appears to be the front view of the much-talked about Goku’s new form has shaken the fandom today.


The image was released by V-Jump magazine as a “Dragon Ball Super” October 2017 Guide. The front view of Goku's image shows the Saiyan sporting black spiky hair with shining silver eyes. He is sporting the same tattered orange pants, and his upper body part shows multiple scratch marks, which is most likely the result of a series of tough battles. Interestingly, the front view image no longer shows the reddish aura that was once showed in the back view image that was previously released. This time, a white aura surrounded his body. It appears like Gohan's aura when he turns into his Mystic form.

The works of the gods

In my previous article about Goku's new form, I shared about the meaning of the title of the back view image when it was released. The title reads, 'The Works of the Gods Ends Here,' which according to Todd Blankenship's translation the Japanese character ’= could also mean the works of the gods. However, the Japanese character alone also means technique. Blankenship noted that this might have a double meaning.

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According to him, the Japanese characters could also mean, 'The Technique of the Gods Ends or is Perfected Here.'


There are several trailers for the anime including the intro that shows Goku fighting while surrounded by a red aura. It is now obviously showing him fighting in his SSGod form as shown in the preview of Episode 104. Interestingly, there is a part of the video where while covered with a red or pinkish flaming aura, he appears to be shoving it out showing his form with the black spiky hair just like in the latest front view image.

From the details presented above, this new form could be Goku's achieving the highest form of his Ki. It could also mean surpassing his limits. It is possible that like his son Gohan, the phenomenal Saiyan has perfected his God Ki and is now able to channel it perfectly and efficiently.

For now, these are all speculations. Fans will be able to see what these all mean as "Dragon Ball Super" progresses.