After the epic premiere of the much-acclaimed Episode 105 of "Dragon Ball Super," and the emotional battle with Master Roshi facing universe four, everything finally came to light. It has been clear to us that this may not have been Goku's typical chapter, but it was worth seeing Master Roshi in action and surviving on the platform of the tournament under his own power. Undoubtedly, an epic and very nostalgic episode.

Did Master Roshi really die?

As expected, Master Roshi did not lose his life, thanks to the immediate help of Son Goku.


However, did the teacher really die? It is being discussed on social networks that the master indeed lost his life, but Goku managed to revive him and bring him back.

This does not mean that the Saiyan can bring everyone to life, but he did manage to do so with Roshi because he used some of his energy to bring him back. It is clear that after the failed attempts to revive him, he only had to give the remaining energy of the Super Saiyan Blue to rescue him completely, which ended up working.

Goku could already revive characters before?

This is not new.

If you recall, in "Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge," Goku also managed to bring back a bird from death.

In addition, in another occasion on "Dragon Ball Super," exactly in the battle of the Saiyan against Hit, the assassin from the sixth universe managed to eradicate Goku for a few minutes. However, Gohan's father managed to reserve a small base of energy to revive himself, and thus return to combat.

In other words, the Saiyan from the seventh universe does not have the ability to revive but does have the experience of knowing how to bring people back (and animals) using some of his energy. In fact, in the Frieza Saga, Kakarot also gives some of his energy so the great villain could escape, but at the end, Frieza missed the offer.


Current situation of universe four

As for the fourth universe, its current situation is critical. There are only four warriors left in battle, but two of them are unknown so far.

Eliminated: Nink, Mayora, Shosa, Kawei, Darkori and Ganos.

Remaining in battle: Monna, Shantsa, and the two incognito warriors.

"Dragon Ball Super" is an anime produced by Toei Animation, which began airing on July 5, 2015.

It is a manga by Dragon Ball and the first television series, which offers a new story after 18 years.

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