There is just 37 minutes remaining before the end of the power tournament. The event that will decide the fate of the universes continues its course with really surprising battles. Gohan of universe 7, demonstrated his value against Botamo of universe 6 and Obuny of universe 10. After eliminating Obuny, Gowazu and his team from Universe 10, were eliminated from the Tournament of Power. Universe 10 was then erased by Zeno, the king of everything.

In chapter 104, Champa's universe 6 teams will be in danger, as their captain and the most powerful warrior could be eliminated by a surprising warrior from universe 11. Next, we will show you the first preview of this episode.


Chapter 104

The powerful warriors of universe 11 are winning against the strongest warrior of universe 6, Hit. The assassin is bullied in a powerful battle. Goku appears to help him and begins a fierce fight against the universe 11 warriors.

As you see, the previews in this chapter affirm that Hit could be eliminated in this episode. However, it appears that Goku will come to his aid when he is about to be thrown off the platform by Dyspo. For this, Goku will use the Super Saiyan God, because he can not continue to use the Super Saiyan blue because it consumes a lot of energy and stamina.

Hit vs Dyspo

The hit man will have serious problems against Dyspo. The member of the Pride Troopers of Universe 11 will prove to be a tough opponent for Hit. However, thanks to the previews shown at the end of Chapter 103, we realize that the battle will be uneven. Dyspo will fight alongside his partner, who will limit Hit's moves with energy threads that he will create. As a result, Hit will not be able to use his time skip technique, leaving himself exposed to the attacks of the Swift member of the pride troopers.


After seeing the inequality of the battle, Goku will decide to help Hit, considering he goes against battles that are not even or fair. We are convinced that Goku is making a mistake by helping in this situation. Hit has proven to be a powerful foe in the past and could prove to be troublesome in the future of the Tournament of Power. Hit could even eventually be the one who eliminates Goku or other Universe 7 team members. Even so, Goku will aid the mighty warrior of universe 6.

Most likely, Dyspo will end up being thrown off the platform at the end of Chapter 104, as Goku and Hit will join forces to defeat him.

After this, we believe that Jiren will come into action. Leading up to the battle we are waiting for between the most powerful warrior of the tournament and Goku.