Dragon Ball Super” already has team Universe 10 annihilated by the hands of the Omni-King following their defeat against Gohan and Piccolo in the previous episode. There are still six remaining universes to vie for survival, but there will be only one team to survive in the Tournament of Power. Episode 105 is expected to air this weekend, which will feature the Turtle Hermit or known as Master Roshi in his biggest challenge against Caway, a sexy warrior from Universe 4.

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Recently, some details for Episode 106 have been dropped, which sees an invisible fighter attacking Piccolo and Gohan [VIDEO]. Will they be able to take down this warrior?

An invisible attacker

Over on Twitter, Todd Blankenship shared his English translation of Dragon Ball Super Episode 106, which puts Namekian warrior Master Piccolo and half-Saiyan fighter Gohan in trouble.

The two Universe 7 warriors will have difficulties in fighting against a warrior that no one can see, and it’s clear that this fighter is targeting them. “Gohan and Piccolo battle Doctor Rota. But suddenly, Rota is shot down by someone and put out of action,” reads the synopsis. “Next, the mysterious shooter targets Piccolo and Gohan. The enemy leaves no trace behind, and the shooting method is unknown. Can Gohan and Piccolo counterattack this mysterious enemy?!”

Piccolo and Gohan are in trouble

The “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 106 synopsis doesn’t say much about the unseen attacker, but it looks like the Namekian and the Half-Saiyan warriors will have a hard time determining the fighting technique of the unseen enemy. Fortunately, Tenshinhan goes to the rescue when he notices that both Piccolo and Gohan are both in a tight spot fighting the mysterious enemy.

Tenshinhan will use a special attack to determine the unseen attacker’s position. As for Vegeta, the synopsis states that he seems to take his enemy too lightly [VIDEO] at first but realizes that his opponent is not something to mess with. Just like Master Roshi who needs to overcome his weakness on attractive women, Vegeta should not also undervalue his opponents, especially that his home is on the line.

The Turtle Hermit

The synopsis for the “Dragon Ball Super” episode this weekend has also been released, which will showcase Master Roshi and his ultimate challenge to fight against a sexy warrior named Caway from team Universe 4. Led by the God of Destruction Quitela, the team go against the old master with Caway leading the way. The Turtle Hermit has trained hard before the Tournament of Power, but we will see how far he can go once he fights against the sexy warrior. We know his weakness, but we hope to see him victorious in his imminent battle.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 106 is titled “Find it Out! Death Match Against an Unseen Attacker!” It is set to air on September 3.