This time master and disciple are the targets in the upcoming episode. In Dragon Ball Super” Episode 106, a super sniper has targeted Universe 7 warriors. Can they spot him and take him down? Warning: This article contains spoilers from DBS episodes.

Episode 106 promo video

In the preview trailer, Goku explains that a super sniper from Universe 2 is after the warriors of Universe 7. And the sniper fire is coming even in cover. The video shows hovering crystals helping the sniper shot reach its target.


Goku admits that the fighters of his team are unable to tell where the sniper is targeting them from. The Saiyan fighter is afraid that at this they might get wiped out. He calls out Vegeta and Tien and tells them it is do-or-die time for them and others.

Official spoilers

According to the recently released Weekly Shonen Jump spoilers for Dragon Ball Super” Episode 106, Piccolo and Gohan face a brutal battle against a fighter who cannot be traced. He is from Universe 2 giving a hard time to the fighters.

“Gohan and Piccolo have a tough fight against an opponent who doesn't leave a trace! Gohan and Piccolo battle Doctor Rota. But suddenly, Rota is shot down by someone and put out of action. Next, the mysterious shooter targets Piccolo and Gohan. The enemy leaves no trace behind, and the shooting method is unknown. Can Gohan and Piccolo counterattack this mysterious enemy?!” reads the excerpt from the official synopsis released Shonen Jump magazine.

Episode 105 quick recap

The spotlight shone brightly on Master Roshi, also known as the Turtle Hermit in this installment titled “A Desperate Battle! Master Roshi’s Sacrifice!!” The episode started with the Omni-Kings trying to figure how many fighters remain and they lose the count.


Meanwhile, Roshi was on the battlefield and Caway from Universe 4 attacked him using a hammer made from her energy, but Roshi was able to dodge it.

Caway decided to use her seduction technique to distract Roshi and finish him. But, Kuririn stated that the Turtle Hermit practiced controlling his urges. Master Roshi did lose his control but soon realized and overpowered it. And, Caway was eliminated after running out of the arena. Universe 4 introduced another female warrior named Darkori against him.

This fighter can make 129 illusions and 76 attacks.

During the installment, Master Roshi, easily, defeated Darkori using the Mafuba and later he took another warrior named Ganos. “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 106 will hit the airwaves on Sunday, Sept. 4 on Fuji TV at 9 a.m. Japan time.