The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super” has yet to air this Sunday, which will feature Universe 7’s Master Roshi as well as various fighters from Team Universe 4. However, new official updates for the upcoming episode that’s set to air the week after next has already been released.

The next episode will be highlighting Master Roshi’s possible feat against a femme fatale of Universe 4, and there might even be a huge change in the current rankings in the Tournament of Power.

Weekly Shounen Jump, a Japanese publication that reports on official spoilers and updates on various manga and anime titles, has revealed new information pertaining toDragon Ball Super” episode 106. The said episode has been titled “Find It Out! Death Match Against An Unseen Attacker” and it has been scheduled to air on September 3.


Gohan and Piccolo vs. Dr. Rota

The official updates from Weekly Shounen Jump has revealed that “Dragon Ball Super” episode 106 will be highlighting Universe 7’s warriors, Son Gohan and Piccolo. The two are set to team up once again against one enemy.

The upcoming episode will finally introduce another warrior from Team Universe 6, and he will be the one going up against Gohan and Piccolo. Dr. Rota of Universe 6 is a red-skinned warthog martial artist.

Mysterious Warrior cuts in

Though the fight between the warriors of Universe 7 and Universe 6 gets intense, it is eventually cut short because of an anonymous warrior. The said mysterious fighter takes down Dr. Rota by shooting him and putting him out of action.


The mysterious warrior then targets Gohan and Piccolo as he starts shooting at them next. The official updates from Weekly Shounen Jump did not reveal hints on the identity of this stealthy warrior, but it did mention that the warrior doesn’t even leave a trace behind, which makes the fight more difficult for Gohan and Piccolo.

Tien Shinhan to the rescue

Further updates from Weekly Shounen Jump revealed that Tien Shinhan would also be the highlight of the upcoming “Dragon Ball Super” episode. It has been a while since fans have seen the devoted martial artist in action at the ongoing Tournament of Power.

According to the official spoilers, Tien Shinhan will be appearing to help Gohan and Piccolo as soon as he realizes that his teammates are in a pinch in their fight against the mysterious shooter, who defeated Dr.


Rota. Apparently, Tien Shinhan will be using one of his special attacks to determine their enemy’s position.