Dragon Ball Super” is currently rolling its Universal Survival Arc’s Tournament of Power, which gathers all 80 warriors from the eight participating universes to protect their homes from the Omni-King’s annihilation. Universe 9 has been wiped out after Goku and Vegeta went Super Saiyan Blue, leaving them defeated. There will be six more universes to be wiped out soon and only one universe to survive. Universe 7 is already missing one fighter as Krillin has been eliminated, but the rest of the team members are determined to win the battle royal.

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Master Roshi, in particular, will soon be pitted against an attractive fighter [VIDEO], which will challenge his perverted nature, but will he be able to overcome it?

The Turtle Hermit in action

Todd Blankenship quickly translated the synopsis for Dragon Ball Super episode 105, which finally puts the Turtle Hermit also known as Master Roshi into action [VIDEO], risking his own life just to protect his universe.

“With Goku teaming up with Hit, the situation at the [battle royal] changes moment to moment," reads the synopsis. "Even the Turtle Hermit, who's been observing the battle and analyzing opponents since the match began, now starts trading blows with Universe 2's warrior Caway. At last [Master Roshi] puts his power into action.”

Master Roshi has trained extensively in preparation for the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power. He is known for his perverted nature, but during his training, he was able to overcome his weakness. Using Oolong and Puar’s abilities to transform into attractive women, the Turtle Hermit managed to overpower his weakness, which he will be able to continue to hold in the battle royal. Will he be able to defeat his opponents who will use his weakness to take him down in his upcoming fight in the tournament?

Master Roshi vs a sexy warrior

According to the “Dragon Ball Super” episode 105 synopsis, Universe 4’s God Of Destruction, Quitela, is using the sexy warrior Caway, who’s leading the way to battle against Master Roshi.

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Knowing his extreme attraction to sexy women, team U4 is apparently using this to defeat him in the Tournament of Power. However, his secret plan will finally be revealed during his battle. The synopsis also teases that Goku will help the Turtle Hermit in his battle, but it seems that someone is blocking his way. Who would this be?

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 105 titled “Brave Fight! Muten Roshi Stakes his Life!!” is set to air on August 27. Stay tuned!