More than ten minutes have passed since the tournament of power started. Two universes were erased, and only six universes are left in the tournament. As warriors continue to fall, only the strong and cunning have been left alive. One of the strong and cunning warriors is Master Roshi. He will take the spotlight in episode 105 of the "Dragon Ball Super." But can he overcome his greatest weakness?

Master Roshi and his only weakness

Master Roshi was once one of the most powerful characters in the "Dragon Ball" series.


He beat Goku in the World's Martial Arts tournament as Jackie Chun and taught the Z Warriors the iconic Kamehameha. But his students surpassed him a long time ago, and he is just a support character now. His power increases when he transforms into his true form which is characterized by bulky muscles.

His latest fight with Goku shows that the MAX powered Master Roshi still packs a punch. His technique, the Thunder Shock Surprise, has proven useful in the Tournament of Power. So far, he helped in eliminating some of the fighters from the other universes.

Even though Master Roshi is a powerful Earthling, he's got one weakness unlike any other in the whole Dragon Ball series. He can't fight when a beautiful lady is his enemy.

The warrior from Universe 4

Master Roshi was surprisingly calm when Universe 2 launched their lovely attack. He is also surprisingly calm considering there are girls in the Tournament of Power. Tien is always cheering Master Roshi when he carries out feats that display his training with Puar, which included training to overcome his reaction to pretty females.

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But Roshi will be pitted against Universe 4's very sexy Cavei.

In the episode titled "Fierce Battle! Master Roshi's Burning Spirit!" he will fight against the female warrior. Cavei is a pink haired and green skinned woman that wears a golden headband with potara earrings. Her powers are still unknown but it can be assumed that she has spells that might crack Master Roshi's determination.

Cavei might have great significance in the arc as she was shown reacting when Kale transformed, along with Frieza, Jiren, Android 17 and Toppo. It's kind of hard to anticipate what power she'll release, as all kinds of enemies are appearing in the tournament of power lately.

Master Roshi's greatest moment

This will be the second time that an Earthling will be in the spotlight (a pure human, as androids do not belong to that category). It can be remembered that Yamcha was stronger than Yoshi in Dragon Ball Z. It turns out that the master has been training when he's not been around.

But just like Krillin's episode, it might be Roshi's final greatest moment as well.