"Dragon Ball Super" just delivered the best episode of the arc so far, and possibly the entire series. Master Roshi has been underutilized since the beginning of "Dragon Ball Z" despite being one of the most important and powerful characters in the original series. Although most people lambasted Toei for their handling of Gohan, none fell as far as Goku and Krillin's sensei, who went from a multi-layered martial artist to a perverted old man. Sure, the latter has always been part of his characterization, but it eventually developed into the only personality trait which was ever showcased.

This episode saw Master Roshi take on three different fighters.


"Dragon Ball Super" opened with Master Roshi being challenged by Caway, an attractive warrior from Universe 4 who shared some physical resemblance to "Dragon Quest's" Mara.


This might have been the dullest Battle of the three, but it held the most significance for Master Roshi's character. Caway tried to beat him using seduction, which almost worked before the experienced martial artist regained his composure.

She eliminated herself after Roshi transformed into his Hulk version.


The second fight was a lot of fun, as Dercori mixed in illusions with normal attacks to try and trip up her opponent. "Dragon Ball Super" could benefit from some variety during its fights, so the change of pace was welcome. Unfortunately, it did not last long enough to develop into one of the true highlights of the series, although the episode itself works well as a whole.


In the last and most exciting fight, "Dragon Ball Super" smartly challenged Master Roshi in the one area he has no control over - his age.


Ganos is young and growing every second, so Goku's master quickly realized the importance of eliminating him as early as possible, before he became a genuine threat to the other Z-fighters. Despite being physically overwhelmed, Roshi used his experience to try and gain the upper hand. Unfortunately, he received a substantial beating at the hands of Ganos.

On the verge of defeat, Master Roshi decided to use all his remaining strength to unleash a devastating Kamehameha to knock Ganos out of the ring. Despite being victorious, the toll on his body proved too much and he collapsed.

Throughout episode 105, Krillin and Goku were shown following their master's fight. Krillin was obviously helpless, while Goku struggled against his own opponent.


When Roshi collapsed, it led to a genuinely touching moment as the two students were overwhelmed with emotion at the thought that their sensei might have died.