The latest episode of the Dragon Ball Super” anime series has yet to air this weekend and there are already tons of official spoilers and updates. According to Weekly Shonen Jump, Master Roshi will be going all out in a fight but that’s not just the highlight of the new episode as the Omni King looks out for the next universe to be erased.

Omni Kings await next universe to annihilate

It has already been a while since the Tournament of Power kicked off during the ongoing Universe Survival Saga arc.

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Shortly after the tournament commenced, the first team to be entirely wiped out was from Universe 9, which earned them an early annihilation.

Universe 10 [VIDEO] was the next to be annihilated as revealed in the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super.” Coincidentally, warriors from Universe 7’s team were the ones who defeated and eliminated the last few warriors of both Universe 9 and Universe 10, which ultimately led to their untimely demise.

Though a universe was just erased from existence, it seems like another one will be obliterated in the upcoming episode. Official updates from Weekly Shonen Jump revealed that “Dragon Ball Super” episode 105 will highlight the two Omni Kings looking out for the tournament's outcome.

Apparently, the two Zen-Ohs are anticipating the next defeated universe and the next episode might just play a huge part in the story, paving the way for another team and its universe to be totally eliminated.

Universe 4 to be eliminated next?

The Tournament of Power has 35 minutes left before it officially ends and according to the stats, Universe 11 is at the risk of being eliminated next because they have only three warriors left. However, their remaining warriors are deemed to be the strongest in the tournament so they still have a fighting chance of surviving the battle royal.

The official updates revealed that the episode will be highlighting fights featuring warriors from Universe 4 and this might be a hint that they’re off to a sad ending. Universe 4’s team currently has three fighters eliminated but the official preview that was released last week, showed four of its warriors going up against various fighters, hinting further that their number will lessen in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 105.

The preview featured Universe 4’s Caway, Shantsa, Dercori, and Ganos in various encounters and even showed a mysterious robot, who might just be the one that blocks Son Goku's path. Caway is set to fight Master Roshi [VIDEO] of Universe 7 in the upcoming episode and it is said to be the main highlight.