The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super” has finally aired and it focuses on Master Roshi’s battles this time. The anime series is still on its Universal Survival Saga arc and the Tournament of Power has still 34 minutes left before it officially ends.

It was revealed in last week’s preview as well as recent updates forDragon Ball Super” episode 105 that it will be featuring Master Roshi and his battles against warriors from Universe 4. As expected, more fighters have been eliminated in the new episode, which has turned the tides of the tournament once more.


The beauty from Universe 4

Apparently, Master Roshi has been going around the arena to observe various fights ever since he separated from Son Gohan’s group. The old Turtle Hermit roamed around freely, studying every opponent’s fighting style and thinking of ways to counter the attacks.

His first encounter in this episode is a female warrior from Universe 4 named Caway. The beautiful green-skinned warrior uses her energy to form different kinds of weapons as well as seduction to distract her enemies.

However, thanks to the grueling secret training that the old man went through before the Tournament of Power commenced, he was able to withstand Caway’s appeal and scare her away with his power. Caway, who was afraid she won’t be pure enough to become a wife after Roshi's attack, throws herself out of the arena and gets eliminated without putting up much of a fight.

Universe 4's Darcori

Shortly after fighting Caway in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 105, Master Roshi immediately fought another female fighter from Universe 4 named Darcori. This warrior was far from Caway’s beauty and was a sinister being who loves dwelling in the shadows.


Darcori is a green-haired, purple-skinned talisman user that utilizes illusion to drive her opponents to the edge. As soon as he and Darcori meet, the former declares that she was perfect to be his next opponent.

As usual, Master Roshi was able to withstand Darcori’s attacks but he went through quite an ordeal after falling into her illusion tricks. Eventually, the old martial artist fell into Darcori’s trap and she immobilized him by trapping his shadow in one of her talismans.

At this time, Darcori revealed that aside from illusions, she can also transform into an unstoppable being.

However, before things get out of hand, Master Roshi used his technique, Evil Containment Wave to seal away the sinister warrior and throw her out from the arena, becoming the next eliminated warrior from Universe 4.

There was a heated debate between the gods of destruction of Universe 4 and Universe 7 on whether or not Master Roshi should be disqualified for using an accessory to seal Darcori. The Omni King decided it was safe and he did not cheat because the fight was clean.