The latest episode ofDragon Ball Super” has aired and it puts Master Roshi under the spotlight for his various battles against warriors of Universe 4. The new action-packed episode was also an emotional one when Master Roshi succumbs to the limits of his powers.

Femme Fatale of Universe 4

Dragon Ball Super” episode 105 started with Master Roshi roaming around the arena of the Tournament of Power to watch various fights and study the fighting styles of his team's diverse opponents.

The new episode dedicated its entire airtime to Master Roshi’s fights and his feats against three warriors from Universe 4. He first went up against Caway, who he easily defeated and eliminated after withstanding her seduction techniques and dodging her energy weapons.

The second warrior from Universe 4 that he fought is Darcori, a sinister beauty that uses the talisman to create illusions.


The old martial artist eliminated her by sealing her with his Evil Containment Wave technique and throwing her out of the Tournament of Power, which the Omni King declared to be a fair use of accessories.

Master Roshi vs. Ganos

­Krillin and the gods of Universe 7 are worried for Master Roshi because Krillin is aware that the recent technique he used took a toll on his body. However, shortly after defeating and eliminating the two female warriors of Universe 4, another warrior from that universe shows up to fight him.

Ganos has appeared once again to fight Master Roshi and get revenge after his teammates were eliminated. Ganos appeared in the early episodes of the Tournament of Power and it was revealed in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 105 why he lasted this long.


Just like the other Universe 4 warriors, Ganos also possessed a powerful transformation, which turns him into a muscular green-feathered bird. However, despite Ganos’s new form and leveled-up strength, the old Turtle Hermit was able to easily fend off his straightforward attacks.

The Turtle Hermit points out that Ganos may be stronger than him but he was way more experienced that gives him the advantage of the fight. However, there was more to Ganos’s transformation as he lets out a devastating lighting attack.

He realized that Ganos also had a special ability, which allows him to become stronger every second of every minute. The old martial artist knew he had to put a stop to Ganos before he becomes a threat to Son Goku and the rest of Team Universe 7 so he uses up the last of his strength to summon a powerful Kamehameha attack, which eliminated Ganos.


However, Ganos's elimination costs Master Roshi’s life and Goku ran towards him even though he was in the middle of a fight. Goku tried to revive the old man by resuscitating him with countless energy balls and just when Krillin and Goku gave up, thinking they’ve lost their master, he suddenly comes back to life.