"Dragon Ball Super" returned with Episode 104, which saw Goku and Hit team up to take on two fighters, Kunshi and Dyspo, from Universe 11. Since the beginning of this arc [VIDEO], the two rivals have shown a degree of respect towards each other, therefore it is no shock that we would get an episode dedicated to them fighting together.

Dyspo vs Hit

The first half of Episode 104 focuses on the fight between Hit and Dyspo. Dyspo is the Universe 11 fighter with the appearance of a rabbit, who fittingly uses his large ears to pick up the body movements made by an individual.

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This gives him an advantage in battle, as it allows him to predict his opponent's next attack. Hit, who has largely been seen as untouchable throughout the series, struggles considerably against the big-eared fighter, as he is unable to use time skip.

"Dragon Ball Super" was at its best during the first half, when it was just focused on these two. It was a nice change of pace to not have the focus be on a member of Universe 7. Considering this is a full-blown battle royale, dozens of fights would be happening simultaneously and it is a bit annoying that every elimination or important moment so far has included Goku and the rest of the Z warriors.

This battle also showed that Hit is not that great of a fighter, at least not one that is comparable to someone like Goku or Vegeta. With his time skip special ability sidelined, he struggled to really gain an advantage on Dyspo. Still, to reflect his background as a mercenary, Hit was able to get the upper-hand by luring his opponent into a false sense of security. He might not be the greatest martial artist but he is one of the smarter combatants in the tournament.

Super Saiyan God Goku

"Dragon Ball Super" threw out a bit of a curveball, as Goku went back to his Super Saiyan God form. There was no build up, as he just appeared suddenly when Hit was getting double teamed by Dyspo and Kunshi. Staying true to his character, the Super Saiyan hates to see a fair fight interrupted, so he interfered to even up the odds. In other words, Super Saiyan God was used as a Deux ex Machina.

The fight itself lacked the class of the earlier encounter. It ended up feeling like a rushed excuse to show the two rivals fighting together. Do not get us wrong, it was a blast to watch Goku and Hit beat Kunshi and Dyspo, but the focus was on brute strength rather than trying to take advantage of the other person's weaknesses.

Also, every single attack performed during this episode received a line explaining exactly what happened either from the spectators or the fighters themselves. It really threw the pacing off.