The latest episode of the Dragon Ball Super” anime series has just been released and it is as action-packed as its previous episodes. The recent episode focused on one big fight despite teasing multiple battles in the preview that was released the week before last.

Dragon Ball Super” episode 104 teased the fight between Universe 6’s warrior, Rebrianne and Universe 7’s fighter, Android No. 17. However, the new episode only featured the biggest collaboration between two fighters from two different universes to fight two of the strongest warriors from Universe 11.


Hit vs. Dyspo

The new episode puts the spotlight on Universe 6’s ace warrior, the assassin called Hit. It opened up with Hit and one of the Pride Troopers introducing themselves to each other before they started the fight.

The Universe 11 warrior who looked like the gods of destruction, Beerus and Champa is called Dyspo. Apparently, Dyspo and the rest of the Pride Troopers are already aware of Hit’s infamous Time Skip ability that makes him practically invincible.

However, the latest episode revealed that there is a way to counter Hit’s Time Skip during the Tournament of Power. Dyspo turned out to be the perfect opponent against Hit because the former possessed superhuman speed.

The Pride Troopers referred to Dyspo as the blitz captain who has the unsurpassed ability of speed that beats even light and sound. Dyspo’s ability enables him to even hear movements that can make him think of a quick counterattack.

As explained in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 104, the Time Skip was initially ineffective against Dyspo because he can sense the brief time before Hit activates it. He can also hear Hit’s muscles vibration, which has their own frequency when Hit is about to use Time Skip.


Whenever Hit attempts this technique, Dyspo speeds up to make a move and he has landed powerful attacks on Hit with this tactic, which was an unlikely scene since everyone knew Hit was too strong.

Goku to the rescue

Universe 11 has figured out that Hit is the ace in Universe 6’s team and he also holds the emotional balance in their team. Belmod and Kai decided that their warriors had to take down and eliminate Hit so the rest of the Universe 6 fighters will crumble with the loss and be eliminated next.

Dyspo continued to pummel Hit with attacks but the latter used his disadvantage to lure Dyspo into a risky plan, which eventually failed when another Pride Trooper named Kunshi appeared to save Dyspo just in time.

As soon as the two Pride Troopers ganged up on Hit, Son Goku of Universe 7 arrives in the nick in time to help out Hit even though he didn’t intend to. With Goku in the picture, the fight's now on equal grounds, two against two.

The fight went on between the two tag teams but Universe 11 lost their momentum when Goku interrupted the fight and eventually caused Kunshi to be eliminated.


After the fight, Hit and Goku parted ways peacefully and promised to fight each other again in the Tournament of Power if they survive till the end.