The latest episode of the ongoing Universal Survival Saga arc of the Dragon Ball Super” anime series just aired last weekend. It revealed the awaited battles of Universe 7 against fighters from Universe 2.

Kamikaze Fireballs vs. Universe 7

Dragon Ball Super” episode 103 picks up immediately where the previous episode ended with Sanku Ku and Vikal getting eliminated. Their elimination has gotten the rest of the members of the Kamikaze Fireballs of Universe 2 enraged and ready to seek out revenge.

Rebrianne challenges Android 17 shortly after the latter eliminates the first two warriors representing Universe 2. Rebrianne charged up to her full powers and pummeled Android 17 with attacks, revealing a well-leveled match even though the latter has yet to reveal his true strength.


Meanwhile, Son Goku is up against the swift Su Roas, and he is apparently having a hard time. Su’s Magical Girl Transformation enables her to unleash simultaneous powerful attacks that do not give Goku any room to make a counterattack.

As soon as Goku lets his guard down, Su sets off a devastating attack, but Android 17 arrives just in time to put him and Goku in a force field, protecting them from the deadly blast. Goku goes after Su once again, while Rebrianne catches up to Android 17, exclaiming how she was offended that the cyborg actually ignored her for a while.

This scene is quite funny because Android 17 has gotten the reputation of being a bad warrior after attacking the Kamikaze Fireballs during their transformations.

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The cyborg’s interruption earned criticisms from most fighters and spectators, pointing out an unspoken rule about not interfering with any warrior’s transformation even though the Tournament of Power was a battle royal.

Yardrat to the rescue

“Dragon Ball Super” reintroduced the Yardrats in the Universe Survival Saga arc and this time, the Yardrat warrior is from Universe 2. Jimeze finally gets the limelight after he rescues the two Kamikaze Fireballs from getting eliminated.

Goku got back on his feet and after getting used to Su’s attacks, he was able to make a counterattack by copying her move, dealing heavy damage to Su. However, just when Goku was about to eliminate Su, Rebrianne appears and Android 17 decided to eliminate the two Universe 2 warriors.


As soon as the threat of elimination occurred, Jimeze, who was one of the knights of Universe 2 appeared out of nowhere to help Su and Rebrianne escape through Instant Transmission, a move specially possessed by the Yardrat race.