The latest updates for the next episode of #Dragon Ball Super have revealed that a certain universe will be eliminated next in the Tournament of Power. In the ongoing Universe Survival Saga arc, there are currently seven teams left fighting for their survival.

The Tournament of Power [VIDEO] kicked off a few episodes ago, and shortly after it started, Universe 9 was erased after all ten of their warriors were defeated and eliminated. Universe 9’s early annihilation reminded the rest of the participating universes that the tournament was a real battle for survival.

Universe 10 in danger

Unfortunately, it seems like fans are going to see another universe getting erased.

Universe 10 just had their chances lowered after Jirasen’s unexpected elimination in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 102.

Universe 10’s warriors saw consecutive eliminations, starting off with Lilibeu who was dropped out of the battle royal after going up against Universe 9’s Basil. Mechiop, Napapa, and Murisam were eliminated by the Saiyans of Universe 6.

Dium, who was another flying warrior from Universe 10, was eliminated by Master Roshi and Krillin. Meanwhile, Murichim was eliminated by Frieza.

Jirasen [VIDEO] went up against Piccolo shortly after the latter separated from his team. However, Jirasen was involved in a fight between Universe 2’s Rebrianne and Universe 7's Vegeta, though he was pushed out of the arena.

With Jirasen out of the tournament, only three warriors from Universe 10 remain.

Even though the team only has a few warriors left, they still have a shot at winning especially when the Grand Priest mentioned that the remaining warriors are the powerful ones.

Gohan eliminates Universe 10?

New spoilers have been released for the next episode as well as the two upcoming episodes of the “Dragon Ball Super” anime series. The spoilers have confirmed that Universe 10 will be the next one to drop out from the tournament and get erased.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 103 is titled “Gohan, Be Ruthless! The Showdown with Universe 10,” which evidently hints that Son Gohan will play a big role. Not only will Gohan go up against the three remaining warriors, it has been confirmed that he will also wipe them out.

The biggest highlight in Gohan’s fight against Universe 10 is his match-up against the green warrior, Obni. Apparently, Obni will be putting up quite a fight as the spoilers hint that he’ll be the last man standing from his team.

Obni and Gohan will engage in an action-packed fist fight and the former might even unveil a power with the use a mysterious locket. The official updates further reveal that Gohan will also be going up against Universe 6’s Botama just like the preview teased. #Tournament of Power #Dragon Ball Super episode 103