Things will get more action packed in the next episode of #Dragon Ball Super as a series of different synopsis and sum-ups surfaced teasing the future events in the show. Though almost all of the summaries differ from each other, they all agreed that the start of the upcoming episode is no other than Goku [VIDEO]’s son, #Gohan. In the previous episodes, the half-Saiyan managed to regain his Mystic form and his battle instincts that laid dormant after years of peace. Now that the survival of their planet and universe is on the line, how will the young Saiyan utilize his regained powers?

Gohan’s real power

In the previous episode, Gohan and the remaining warriors of Universe 7 decided to break formation and fight on their own as they are losing ground because of Ribrianne’s attack [VIDEO].

Now that they are on their own, each of them will have to fight harder to compensate and because the remaining warriors are the tougher ones that survived the earlier chaos. According to the summary of Todd Blankenship, Gohan will face Universe 6’s Botamo, and the Saiyan will repeatedly strike his enemy in his stomach. Gohan will then send the Winnie the Pooh-esque warrior out of bounds with a powerful Kamehameha. Furthermore, the young Saiyan will face Universe 10’s Obni as his next opponent.

Gohan vs. Universe 10

In another summary translated by Twitter user @KeyXyro, after dealing with Botamo, Gohan will go against Universe 10 who also became the target of Universe 2’s onslaught.

So far in the tournament, there are only three remaining participants [VIDEO] fighting for Universe 10. They are the yoga warrior Zircor, Rubarut, and Obni. Zircor will challenge Ribrianne into battle while Obni will have an exchange with Gohan. The half-Saiyan will struggle because of the counters of Obni, but Gohan’s fist will emerge as a moment faster.

As for the warrior named Rubarut, Piccolo will face the Universe 10 fighter in a tag team battle with Gohan and Obni. As of now, we don’t know the scope of abilities of the macho warriors, but it seems that Gohan even with his Mystic form will have the trouble of landing a shot on the Universe 10 opponents. However, it appears that Universe 10’s erasure is inevitable as both Universe 2 and seven are now gunning the remaining members of Universe 10.

For now, let’s just wait for the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” on Crunchyroll every Saturdays at 7:15 p.m.

CST, and for the English dubs, Toonami will begin airing the English version on Adult Swim every Saturdays at 11:30 P.M.

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