"#Dragon Ball Super" returned with a mixed bag of an episode this week, one that focused primarily on #Gohan and Piccolo, two characters that have largely been sidelined for the duration of this arc. The story was divided into two section, the opening half which focused on the climax of the fight between Universe 2 and Universe 7 before shifting onto Gohan for the second half.

Universe 2 just about hold on

The Maidens of Universe 2 proved to be no real match for Goku [VIDEO]and Android 17, as the former did not even need to go Super Saiyan. They were bailed out just before it looked like they would be eliminated but, if nothing, their pride took a rather big hit.

The opening half contained nothing particularly exciting, even though it still managed to entertain. "Dragon Ball Super" has done a serviceable job of giving some of the participants of the other Universes some personality, but the Maidens are nothing more than caricatures spewing out one cliche one liner after another. They do not possess even a sliver of depth and never felt like a threat to our two heroes. The animation boiled down to a lot of energy blasts but did benefit from Android 17 being genuinely amusing.

Universe 10 bites the dust

The highlight of episode 103 is the second half, which shifts towards Gohan and Piccolo. After Goku's son quickly dispatched Botamo, using a ridiculously lame method, they faced off against the two remaining members of Universe 10. The decision to include these two in a confrontation that could result in the erasure of a Universe was a smart move by Toei.

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Gohan, especially, is arguably the most humane member of the team and could understandably struggle with the weight of such an act.

Piccolo wins his fight quite easily, before shifting focus to Gohan vs. Obuni. Obuni created copies of himself and spread out his energy to not allow the Saiyan to pinpoint his location, forcing Gohan to transform into his Ultimate form. Unfortunately, like most transformations in "Dragon Ball Super," it does lack any sense of majestic or presence in comparison to its previous appearance in "Dragon Ball Z." The animation is exceptionally stiff as well.

Despite the various shortcomings, this still ended up being a decent fight with a predictable and bittersweet ending. The purpose was to show that Gohan is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that Universe 7 survives; and in that regards, episode 103 served its purpose. #Review